Monday, 7 February 2011

Forfar 4 - Sandra 0

Forfar Multi Terrain Half Marathon

Ian asked me in middle of week if i fancied doing this. His pitch was "it doesn't start til 11 so we'll get a lie in at least"

Ok, i said. The lie in was getting up at 7am. That's not a Sunday lie in, even for me who gets up in middle of night during week. Hey ho, i wont go on about it tooo much

I had quick look at website on before we were leaving and was alarmed to read things like *bogs can be waist deep* errmm i didn't sign up for this! I had visions of the Ochills race all over again (you've got to read that blog!) We got to Forfar which is actually bigger than we'd thought and drove round in circles for wee while before Ian gave in and asked for directions (just buy a sat nav ffs) Arrived to find lots of familiar faces. Quite a few from my club and quite few other WHW folk too, lovely to see everyone.

Wasn't too long before race briefing and here's where i started to freak out a bit. He first of all told us he'd sent a bloke round to smash up all the ice from the puddles so we could run through them, geee, thanks, icy puddles. He then went on to tell us just how muddy it was, how hilly it was, how we WOULD get wet, oh, and to enjoy it.

I stood there going lalalalalalalala trying to blank it all out. So off we went. I went out at a fairly decent pace and held it for most of way actually. It was all stuff I'd done before, trails, paths, bits of road. At first i was running round the puddles where i could (as was everyone in front of me) then after few times that i had no choice to run through i just thought fuck it, i might as well run through them all now. I was quite enjoying it actually.

I'd been warned of the Puddle. Hmm, cant be as bad as all the ones I've ran through already surely? Ran through a wee tunnel thing and straight into a puddle, a big one. Hmm, that wasn't so bad, what the flep are they all going on about i thought? Then i saw it, a puddle? a fucking puddle? who are they kidding. This was a river, make no mistake.An icy bloody cold one at that. One which had to be broken before we got near it ffs. I could've swam it. It was up to neck nearly (ok, i might be exaggerating slightly) it was certainly up to my thighs, I'm only 5 bloody feet tall. I tried to kinda skip through it to no avail, i kept finding deeper bits and feared I'd face plant anytime soon. Got near end after about half an hour (ok, more exagerrating) and saw we were getting bloody filmed! sadists. So i did what i do best, i smiled and made it look like i was actually enjoying it Bastards.

Ian's name was mud at this point, couldn't believe he'd made me do this. kept thinking, Wait til i get hold of him. Ran up muddy hill with frogs trying to cling onto my legs and several feet of reefs stuck into my trainers. i swear i could hear cracking, i looked down expecting to see icicles falling off my legs. I didn't feel my feet again for a good half hour or so. Seriously, if i'd wanted to do a bloody triathlon i'd have entered one! (i really dont want to!)

I also had to keep stopping to bloody tie my laces, kept getting head rushes every time i bent down, Mustve lost at least 10 places as i did this a total of 7 friggin times! aaaaargh. (yes Jules, i know you're not surprised)

So on i went, after looking at garmin i reckoned i could maybe manage to finish within about 5 mins of my PB. That was soon kicked into touch, silly me. Got to mile 9 and hit the hill. it started off not too steep so i kept running, then it got steeper, and showed no sign of abating, So i walked, ran few steps and walked. I did overtake few folk whilst walking though, I'm quite good at power walking thankfully. I went from doing 8.20mm to 11.35! I'm a wuss i know.

Went back to around 8.30mm for rest of race and i crawled through finish line disappointed with my time of 1.58.16. i was actually proper gutted. 13mins outside my PB, yes i know its not a PB course (unless you're Richie bloody Cunningham, who told me he did!)After posting it on facebook though i got told off a lot. Most people were about 15mins outside their PB times so i guess it's all relative. I feel a wee bit better about it (i suppose) I was 82nd out of 122, so at least i wasnt last!

Maybe I'm too hard on myself sometimes. I've had roughest week I've had in long time (see previous blog) and it was my first race of year. It was a damn good training run, I'll take that from it at least.

It's a great wee race though, well organised and a damn good spread put on for the cold & hungry runners. Well done Forfar Road runners. (still moaning about not getting a medal tho, i do like my medals!)

Got up this morning to torrential rain. Decided on shorts and my good rain jacket,even wore a cap, unheard for me really but it was really raining. By time i got to the gym i was wetter than I'd after running through that damn river yesterday!i half expected Noah to sail past me on his ark.
I was leaving puddles wherever i went lol!

I decided on just doing shorter route down to work after as putting on my soaked jacket again made me shiver me timbers. Rain continued for while then the snow started ffs. For a pleasant change the skies turned blue and the sun came out just as i set off for my run home. Bonza!

So 2 recovery runs and gym done today. And work was pretty good too. S'all good

Right, I'd best get dinner on.....

wonder if it'll fit me? :P


  1. I need a hot bath and a fluffy towel just out of the tumble dryer just reading all of that. Hard core girl power :-)

  2. Kickass! Was a bit damp then? At least with the water crossing you're getting your money's worth out of the "Multi-Terrain" thing. :-)



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