Saturday, 19 February 2011


is the word for today.

Been a while since I've blogged, it's been busy time. Last weekend we were away for Valentines/My birthday up at Oak tree Inn in Balmaha - and it seemed a tad silly not to combine it with a long run. We headed up on Friday night and the closer we got the worse the weather got. Rain was torrential, we could barely see road, looked like our planned run would be muddy then! Got there around 8.30ish.Lovely meal as usual and few drinks were had, breakfast booked for 8am with plans to run at 9.30ish. Weather had changed from wet & windy to calm and settled, Just perfect.

Here i am just before we started, only time i had jacket on was at start of run and when we stopped after inversnaid, it soon off again!

We set off from Balmaha to run to Inversnaid and back, Ian reckoned it be around 7hrs which included quick stop at hotel for cup tea. He wasn't too far off with his calculations as we did it in 6.30, which included a stop off for cuppa in hotel and my usual faffing around stopping for pics much to Ian's' annoyance :p Had the most perfect weather and fantastic run, loved every minute of it, I'd forgotten how much i love this section. The sun even came out for us, perfect.

here we are at end of the fab 30miles

Got back to room to find a bottle of champagne and a rose. The deal was meant to include a 1/2 bottle sparkling wine but it's not what you know ;) (thanks Lucy@ Oak tree)We'd already bought a bottle of champers with us which was chilling nicely all day on on our balcony so we took the other one home to drink on my actual Birthday. Drank bottle bubbly whilst watching the rugby (poor show) before getting ready for dinner

Woke up next morning to torrential rain again so we couldn't have timed the run more perfectly. Legs were bit tired but fine otherwise, weird considering i suffered after stupid 13miles after Forfar Half week before!

On way home i txt Stephen to ask what he was up to, his reply was *gutting the house, i've hoovered, cleaned fish tank and cleaned all the cupboards!* lol, not many 19yrs olds who do that off thier own back, bless. His next job is decorating, srsly.His idea.

Monday was valentines day so i cooked and we had quiet night, Tue we were out for dinner and by Wednesday which was my actual Birthday i was knackered, more so by very busy day at work and no break, no food (again!) So after meeting Stephen and Thel for few drinks after my work i called Ian and got him to cancel table he had booked for dinner and opted for takeaway & quiet night in. Glad i booked Thu and Fri off work.

Thursday i got dragged out of bed and gently persuaded to run 3 of the 7 hills miles of Edinburgh.Actually really glad i did go, it was fantastic run, even though we didn't get the usual brilliant views as it was very foggy. We did just over 7 miles and came back muddy but happy.

Friday i decided on total rest day as was have my first XC race today (eeek) and wanted to go in fresh. Was down at my Big bro's for dinner and to give my nephew his birthday pressie which he just loved (starwars lego for anyone who cares) Right, i'd best go get ready for this damn race, wish me luck, think i'll need it.....

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