Thursday, 3 February 2011

Weathering the Storm

Yes, another blog regarding the weather.

I've never been a fair weather runner it has to be said. Running to/from work is just the norm for me really and if it's raining, snowing or whatever then i guess i have to deal with it.And i do.

Another reason is that i just don't get people who don't run when it's foul outside. Fair play if you're only running to keep fit, but if you're training for a race? What happens if the weather isn't quite so perfect on race day?

Today was one of those horrendous days. As i stepped outside in the darkness there big fat snowflakes being blown around by horrid wind. Mile and half into run this turned into blizzards, another mile and it turned to sleet, sleety blizzards. This was fine running through the meadows, but on my run back it was in my face big time, i actually couldn't see a bloody thing and feared I'd run into a tree.

The sleet was cutting into my legs like daggers, yes i know i you'll say i could've wore tights instead of shorts , but my reckoning is that the tights would've been soaked through and would make me feel colder. Had my uberwaterproof jacket on though so at least my top half was dry!

By time i got mile away from work it was only raining :o)

Later on the sky turned blue and the sun came out, go figure! I did wonder if it would hold enough for my rum home but no, the storm clouds were gathering once more. I stepped outside work just as rain started. I battled the gale force winds and actually came to a standstill twice on one particular hill! Made it home though, albeit a tad drookit and tad out of breath.

It was rather amusing seeing people doing their best Mary Poppins impressions though at least!

Good things about bad weather
1. It clears the streets, we can run without constant people dodging
2. What doesn't kill you etc.....
3. you feel supersmug to have run in it
4. errmm that's all i can think of, sorry

Bad things about bad weather.
1. Its cold and horrid quite frankly
2. the people that do venture out try and spear you with umbrellas
3. Its cold and horrid quite frankly

I Have nothing else interesting to say. Not even sure that was interesting but I'm saying it anyway.

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  1. Good blog. It's like when people start obsessing about the weather on race day. You're still going to run it so what the difference. Lol @ being speared by Brookner.



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