Sunday, 20 February 2011

First Cross Country

So i took part in my first cross country yesterday.

I have to say it was kinda under duress, Ian made me enter & said it would be good training.

Woke up to news of weather warnings, rain, sleet & snow, oh the joy. Quick check on Facebook and i wasn't only one freaking about it at least.

I think i was halfway to persuading Ian's youngest that he could run in my place but that deal fell through at last minute! Arrived at Falkirk and went off to find our wee tent, spotted it fairly easy and got my number and generally told everyone who would listen that i was dreading it lol

2 laps of a fairly tough course, well i thought it was anyway.Not used to all the mud and slip sliding around like that but i did kinda enjoy it.Finished in 41.55, not so bad.

Don't Tell Ian though...
Was great watching the men's race, shows the talent that was there to see really good runners way down the field.The course mustve been even muddier by time they got on it too!
There were some brilliant sprint finishes, amazing stuff and great to watch.


  1. Well done on your first cross country! and maybe not your last by the sound of it :-)

    Yeah agree about the exciting finishes. I managed to see the sprint finish between 2nd and 3rd male! although didn't know who nicked it till today.

  2. It's scary competitive!

    Well done for being one of the few to respond to cheers.

    Debs x

  3. Sorry i missed you Debs, i tried to give a smile everytime someone shouted at me! :)

    Stu, i'm thankful the season is over ;)



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