Thursday, 24 June 2010


Got this message the other day on dating site......

hi its big steve hop you ar well gorjs can we talk on mobile 07766829132 be good fens pleas pleas hop2 meet up2 talk mor soon you ar 1 hot gorjs babe can eo send me mobile 2me pleas can you send me hot gorjs foto to me on mobile plea pleas pleas babe talk soon on mobile :-)xxxKesxxx:-)


George Clooney he aint.

tempted as i am, i might let him slip through my fingers this time


  1. Ha ha, you are a Very Lucky Girl. Sadly, there are far too many just like him hanging around on dating sites *sigh* x

  2. Could you possibly decipher that? :-)

  3. Well, I'm a bit cheesed off that you're publishing our private conversations like this!

  4. So, did you try and call the mobile for a laugh then? I am tempted to ring for a laugh.... :-D

  5. I don't believe you are casting this one aside without a second glance



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