Sunday, 13 June 2010

I'm a Hazard to myself

Been bit of a week for me! Monday i sliced my finger open, true to style i was busy and didn't want to stop so stuck a glove over it until it filled up with blood then i stopped and put plaster on, by wed i kept busting it open again so after some advice popped along to boots to get butterfly stitches.

Pharmacist looked at it and told me not to bother, that i should have went to hospital on Monday for 2 stitches :-o and that I'd have a hole in my finger from now on. rock on, makes me more unique i guess!

Thursday i was doing my banking and i opened drawer for calculator, dropped pen bent down to pick it up and whacked my head on corner of said opened drawer. Nearly knocked myself out. Got sicker and dizzier as day progressed and after proper real advice from real Doctor (thanks Mark) i went home to bed with strict instruction to head to A&E if sick. I went straight to bed and feel asleep by time Stephen brought me cup tea! Got up few hrs later and had bath, still felt sick but realised hadn't eaten so Stephen made me some chips and tea and brought to my bed for me, bless him.

Felt fine Friday so ran to work as normal :o) Would seem it didn't knock any sense into me after all. On ly problem was that Gavin was meant to be coming round for dinner to discuss Team Phil stuff for next weekend but i had to cancel after bumpy head incident. Rescheduling for midweek i think.

Stephen was heading off to Spain Friday night so i was down at Kelly's parents to wave them all off, Stephen walked me back up road at midnight, their taxi was arriving at 12.15. 2 weeks home alone, n one to run me baths and make me tea! aaargh

Saturday i was west highland way recceing with Jules & Scott, Steve joined us on Sunday. Plan was to head straight up to Devil, run up and down that. Go book in Hostel, yes i did say hostel and not hotel :-o everywhere was fully booked! jeezo,i hate slumming it! Then fne pub to watch Footy in! bonza.

Start as you mean to go i say. Scott had mailed me earlier to say he'd meet me at station and would bring Tea & Biccies. bugger that. I nipped into M&S, got a (Cateran)Beer for Scott & Baby bottle of bubbly for me :) Also picked u full sized one for after Devil and beer & cider for the boys.

Just had time t grab a burger before heading to get train.Proper serious athlete i am. Scott made a bit of a show of getting cups and flask out,but i take your tea and i raise yu a beer! guess what won?

oh we also had packet of toffypops, we'd actually both arrived with toffypops lol :)Hour passed in flash and before long we were at stirling and Jules was dutifully waiting on us. We were all in running gear ready to hit ground running so to speak soon as we arrived. We managed to get parking space right at bottom f Devils Staircase, perfect. Off we went running up it, only for a sea of caledonian challengers to descend on us lol we were saying well done to everyone but they were most amused and kept on telling US well done and said we were putting them to shame by running up the hill!We got to top after passing about 50 challengers to find a whole plethora of them at top, we decided to run on a bit more so we could see the fabled Kinlochleven and then turn back.

Last time I'd been up the devil was during last yrs WHW race, but it was in the dead of night and i didn't get any of the views, only big scary bears jumping out at me from behind rocks. Or that couldve just been sleep deprivation, who knows.. ;) So it was good to be back in glorious sunshine and even more glorious views. Kinlochleven still doesn't exist though, it only gets further away the closer you get. factomundo.

Once we saw the mirage that is Kinlochleven we turned back and aced it past all the challengers again. Some saying, crazy girl runner coming through! lol, do they know me? ;)

Got to bottom, had bit of chat with some blokes who'd been doing the Munro challenge then jumped in car to head to hostel, yes a hostel, did i mention hostel. :p Actually it wasn't so bad, except that Jules had said it was about half mile to pub, we passed pub and kept driving, and driving... hmmm, bring headtorch he said for road trip to pub,how about bring a bike? ffs

We got into hostel and i unveiled my bubbly, cider and beer only for Jules to upstage me by producing a chilled bottle and a real champagne glass just for me! He is pure class that boy :) We got stuck right in and quickly got to know our roomie, a german blokey called Wolfgang, yes really. I sloped off for shower and was ready fairly quickly but got laughed at for being glammed up and wearing my roclites

I did think about taking my heels, of course i did. But getting told we'd be schlepping to pub half mile away (2 miles more like!) i decided against it and roclites were the footwear of choice. After finding out the footy wasn't even on at that pub we called a cab to head to one further out. Got there about 1/2 hr after it started, it was hooching! I was at bar when US scored and the place erupted! Then they kept showing it over & over and they place erupted each time, it ws really funny!

There was actually really good mix of folk there, quite few English even with their faces painted, brave souls. Had a blast in pub, even contemplated Karaoke but they never had songs i wanted, Wolfgang was also going to sing lol but they couldn't find song for him either. Can vaguely remember taxi ride home and gatecrashed party in cottage next door but i soon vacated after finding them having drinking games, somehow sensible Sandra took over and i staggered off to bed instead, fully clothed lol

Awake early and thankfully first thing i saw was irn bru. Irn bru and toffypops for breakfast lol, i actually do eat healthily rest of time honest!

Got up and dressed and we were soon heading to Glencoe to meet Steve, he arrived and jumped in car and we headed off to Bridge orchy to start run for day.
Today's run was BoO to Glencoe, so right across Rannoch Moor, which was another part i'd not covered and wanted to before next week as i knew Phil finds that part tough.I'll need to make sure he doesnt see this sign next week which we pass just at end of moor!

So 11.2 miles. done n dusted. Was bit misty and drizzly but we got to car just as it started to rain hard. Said our goodbyes to Steve and headed to GoodFood Cafe for refuelling. Boy did we need food, last i'd eaten was the burger the day before :-o if you dont count the 2 toffypops for breakfast that is..

Fish and chips and big cuppa T, sorted. JUles dropped us off in Stirling and we got train home. Flippin great weekend :)

Thanks to Jules for ferrying us around and sorting out somewhere to stay, star. x


  1. Just as long as you don't make a habit of this slumming it. Don't want to make them think you'll settle for lesser comfort all of the time :-)

  2. All the pics of you on your own look like you are about to start jigging your hips! ;-) Sounds like some great running. :-)

  3. What the hell are Toffeepops?

  4. not telling, it's a scottish secret.



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