Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Back to where it all began

Did the Botanics 5k tonight. It's a great race, and only time you can run in the Botanic gardens which are just stunning.

So that marks exactly 5 yrs since my first ever race, and exactly 5 yrs (minus 5 weeks training for it) since i first ran, if you dont count the forced into it stuff at school anyhow!

Crikey, life has changed so much in that time. I recall grudgingly signing up for it as work pays for it and i didn't want to be only manager not running it. I'd just managed to miss the previous years one by joining in the June, i was soo relieved! So i reckoned I'd best train for it as i didn't want to be last. (why do we always think that?) i pulled out pair of trainers from cupboard, found a pair of holiday shorts and an old tshirt and off i went with great enthusiasm, ffs it's only 3 miles, i can do that.


I got to the end of street before i almost collapsed and died in heap, i was bent over double, my lungs bursting and i was already sweating like a loon. good god, this isn't quite so easy is it? fuck, now i was worried. I ran a bit, walked a bit ran a bit, died some more and cried probably too. I certainly moaned a lot. A hell of a lot, for next 5 weeks, constant. lol

Most of my training was done on tready at gym, at least that way i knew exactly how far i was running. (garmin, mapymyrun, wtf are they?)and at weekend I'd go out and run downhill to Lasswade, which Roger marked in car for me at 2 miles, i alwys got him to come pick me up too!

I vowed never to run again, never. Once this god damn race was over the trainers were getting binned, my shorts would be used for holidays again, finito.

I got to end of race, and was given a medal. Wow, a Medal, my first ever medal! ever. I'm still a medal lover, and i don't care if people think it's sad.

Anyway, Medal, tshirt and a great wee goodybag with copy of Runnersworld in it. I was hooked. I read it from back to front and logged on to see what it was all about. I found forums and helpful folk, oh and training plans, wow, training plans, why didn't i think of that? Mind you I've never stuck to one since but it might've been good to know as a total noob to all this running lark!

So there it is. And here i am.


  1. October 1st 2009. Dave driving round our neighbourhood to find a 1 mile loop for us :-)

  2. I wonder how many of the other 5K runners will be completing ultras within the next 5 years.

  3. Way to go sis, so glad you stuck around this running thingy.

  4. Here you are, you wonderful person xx

  5. A great description! It's all very familiar. :-)



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