Thursday, 17 June 2010

Are we there yet?

Work as predicted was awful on Tue/Wed. In at 6.15 both days (normal) ran there (normal) didn't leave til 4.45 Tue (abnormal) and 4 wed (abnormal)No break, no sit down for cuppa T, nothing. was srsly fucked off.

Anyway, today was better, busy still but better. Can anyone give me a running related job please? I can run a lot, and i talk a lot. good qualities i reckon.

Stephen was going to call me yesterday but i told him to just txt or FB me, silly to waste money when i can *chat* on there to him. So had Facebook chat with him, he's nice and brown already and having great time, and wanted to know if house was tidy and if i'd cut the grass! ffs, when did the tables turn there?

Had Gavin round for dinner tonight after cancelling on him last week due to bumpy head incident. Got plan sorted for Flip's support so he has gone off full and happy now. I cant get my cool box shut, do i take out the lucozade or the champagne?



  1. That's obviously not a serious dilemma - take out the champagne...
    ... and drink it now.

  2. Gah to work stuff. LMAO @ Stephen wanting to know if the house was tidy and the grass cut!! Hope you got the coolbox shut and cannae wait.... :-)



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