Sunday, 6 June 2010

No Sex in the City

Plenty champagne shopping and laughs though!

What a fabulous day. Got to Howie's just before Jemima so had glass of champagne waiting. Got to love that Place for BYOB and only £3 corkage charge woop! We decided that seeing it was such lovely day we'd only drink one of our bottles and take other one to Princes st gardens and enjoy the sunshine.

Lovely lunch, then sauntered off to St James st for disposable glasses (gotta love pound shop!) we also ventured int John Lewis to have quick look at dresses and quick squirt of Chanel :) Then it was onto Multrees walk, Harvey Nicks to laugh at ridiculously prices dresses, where we were accosted by a gok wan lookylikey wanting to be my personal shopper. Seeing that most of dresses I'd looked at and liked , Dior £975, Chloe £685 was in cloud cukooland price range i declined and we made quick exit.

Found nice spot next to Scott Monument, kicked off shoes and sipped our champagne and watched world go by til our peace was shattered by free Palestine march! they stopped outside M&S for ages shouting boycott M&S? not sure why but i was tempted to fight my way through and go in just to annoy them :p I felt sorry for all the poor grannies trying to get out with their support tights and panty girdles only to be met with that!

Champers finished we headed to more shops, this itself is very unusual, Jemima and I dnt do shopping. We like football and drinking and stuff, shopping is dull and tiring and dull.

Anyway, we covered LOTS shops, LK Bennet, Debenhams, Coast to name a few and Karen Millen of course, to see if they had *that* dress. They did, in size12 :( and it was cerise pink, not red! Girl in shop said everyone said it looked red on website. Still lovely colour but they didn't have it in my size and it was limited edition. So the hunt for dress for Ball goes on. Shopping over and done with we decided to make most of sun and headed to M&S ;) to buy chilled bottle bubbles to take back to gardens. They had none so we ended up with Sainsbury's Cava which was lovely. We also picked up few nibbles to have a mini picnic, shopping is exhausting and we'd walked for miles building up wee appetite again!
As we left Sainsburys i pointed to bloke with umbreall under his arm and said *does he know something we dont?*

We settled down again nr same spot as before but looked a tad worried at gathering black clouds. Jemima said, oh i felt spot rain there, then i did too. So we moved under tree and carried on drinking. Suddenly the heavens opened! cue everyone running for cover under trees and to bus stops etc! lol we stayed there for 10mins before it started pouring through the damn trees soaking us through!

We made decision to run to nearest pub, which was in rose st. I put my shoes and they were gritty and sore on my feet so i started jumping in puddles n princes st! mustve looked like loony dressed n heels and pretty dress jumping around in puddles haha it worked though and got all grit off, and the puddles were warm!

Got into the Abbostsford looking like 2 drowned rats, it was HEAVING! Clearly everyone who'd been outside had dived in soon as rain started. Jemima headed to bar and i went off to dry hair & try dry dress wee bit, wet tshirt styleee isn't good look in busy pub ;)
here we are all dry again


Had few drinks there before heading off home. Brilliant day with my best Friend.


  1. What I'm seeing there is two stunningly beautiful ladeez having a really great time :), especially that blonde one ;).

  2. LoL @ you running through the puddles to get the grit out of your shoes. You are so funny! :-) Glad you both had a good day.



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