Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rantalong with Sandra

Maybe it's time to deregister when all i do is rant about the dating site?

*deep breath*

why the fuck would i invite someone to my house without meeting them? why? Surely a dating site should be just that? ie- you want to go on a date before you fuck thier brains out?

Paula told me i had to be pro-active and go make a date, so i dipped my toe back in...

I've ditched the idea of meeting bloke i've been txting for last 3wks, if we cant move forward from 3 weeks then whats the point, yes a lot of it is my fault due to races/training weekends, marathon supporting etc but hey ho, priorities and all that. He's anther one who quite happily wanted to come meet me at my house mind you.

Guy i've been mailing for few days, seemed normal, intelligent etc, suggests meeting. I said ok, when and where> he said *your house* i mailed him back saying i presume that was a joke, do you really think id invite a complete stranger into my house? He mailed back saying *i can kiss the back of your neck whilst you make me a coffee*

what the fuck?? he is now blocked.

Is everyone out there tightwads or something? I'm happy to pay my own friggin way! jeeez, all i want is a date before jumping into bed with someone! is that too much to ask?

for crying out loud. Not like this is an isolated incident either. Maybe i just look like a dirty whore or something or someone who needs a good seeing to.

oh, I'm over 1000 miles for the year now, last 2 run have been crap though.


  1. Oh FFS, there MUST be some normal people on these dating sites surely?!?!!! That is just plain lewd to expect that when you've no met them. You will meet the right person, I'm sure of it lass, you have so much going for you. Big hugs. x

  2. You could of missed a great shag ;-)

  3. Flip is a brave man...... LOL.

    Sandra, those guys on the site are twats. However, you only need to find ONE that isn't.



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