Saturday, 25 June 2011

Looking Back, moving Forward

One week on. This time last week I'm trying to remember where i was. I'm thinking it was probably around the Glen Bogle area, or Ben Fogle as my crew kept calling it!

My recovery is most odd. As i said in earlier ramblings my legs and feet in no way are affected my a silly 95mile run across Scotland , if only i could say the same about my ankles. The left one is the worst but the right one is also sore.I'm so used to recovering so well and so quickly after Ultras that i keep forgetting I've actually injured myself this time and it's not just fatigue or DOMS. My mind is saying, your'e fine, you can walk. My legs and feet are willing, my ankles doth protest!
 I've now run out of Tramadol and didn't manage to get to doctors, not great but Ian came back with drugs from pharmacist that has *can be addictive* slapped across box, so i hope they kick in soon!

I guess going a ball on Thursday night wasn't cleverest idea. I did wear heels until i got there otherwise I'd had tripped on my dress, but i kicked them off once i was sat down. Actually glad we went, i really needed to get out house. Shame we couldn't get room in Glasgow due to Take That concert though!

Before the WHW race I'd saw a great deal for Spa Day and booked not one but 2 of them, plan was to use one with Jem and one with Ian  It was for Norton House and I've mentioned before that so far it's Mine & Jemima's favourite Spa to date. So yesterday i took Ian along for his first Spa Day. This is the man who cant sit still for more than 10mins and thinks relaxing is going for 10mile *wee walk* So it was a bit of a culture shock for him and he look terrified as we arrived. lol. He actually ended up really enjoying it, we both did. Just what we needed and we left there totally chilled out and literally glowing.  Back there soon with Jemima.

So looking back, was there something i could've done differently? Nope, it's not something I've had issues with before and not something i can prevent. I've actually been very lucky regarding injuries and ever since my back problems 5yrs ago and looking at how i train/run I've managed to avoid picking up anything. My recovery after races is almost prompt which makes me think i do things correctly. I'm a big believer in listening to my body and if i feel tired/not quite right then i rest, end of.

Moving forward, no idea how long it'll be before i can resume training, or even get back to gym. Couldn't even swim yesterday at the Spa, we appear to need our ankles quite a lot! ;) Hoping to see doc on Monday so i can get physio referral and take it from there.

I've loved reading all the WHW blogs, from both sides of the coin, inspirational and funny spring to mind. Still few missing so get blogging folks!

Onwards and forwards (albeit a slow shuffle)

I'm off back to my peas, the frozen variety, not the black eyed ones......


  1. Stick with the frozen peas Sandra, you'll be right soon. Have you tried emu oil? It's helped calm down the angry tendons I had on my ankles after last weekend.

  2. Emu Oil? do i have to go Emu hunting or can i ask Ian to pick some up on way home without going via Safari park?

  3. You can get it on e-bay (I buy it from Rolls Choyce) - it's about a fiver for a wee bottle. Supposedly it is anti-inflammatory and it aids healing. Paula Radcliffe uses it, and have you ever seen an emu with a running injury?

  4. Hey Sandra, I had the same thing back in 2007 only 6 weeks before the race, I got some acupuncture from my physio and that helped take the swelling out pretty quick. Hope this posts, tried a few times the other day without much luck.

  5. Hey Michelle! thats postive news, will look into seeing physio asap
    Hope your recovering well, you had cracking race thanks for the company, you totally rocked x



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