Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Let's start at the very begining....

So much in my head that it might come out all jumbled up. I'll do this is parts i think as i have to keep taking breaks and elevating legs (all part of the story!)

My lead up to the race had been pretty perfect. I ran to work twice (just 3miles each) to keep ticking over. I felt well rested and ready. Ian cooked dinner on Wed/Thu and  went to supermarket to get the big shop for race stuff. I was left on sofa with orders to rest up. I packed Friday morning, i think Ian was surprised to come back from shops and find me so organised. He normally gives me grief for packing so little for races but this one i knew i had to be super organised, for my crews sake if nothing else!

So i had bags all marked with vests/long sleeved tops/medical/food etc etc Cool bag/ food bag all sorted.I also had a case packed with normal stuff as we were staying in FW for few days after race.  The car was packed like we were away for weeks between the two of us!

We arrived in Milngavie at 3pm. I'd booked a hotel room so i could meet with my crew and have somewhere to chill out until start of race . Ian heard of a tree down on first mile so headed out to check it out and i had bit of snooze. Jules was first to arrive around 4ish, followed by Nick soon after. Ian, Nick & Jules headed down to car to transfer all the race stuff then we headed off for dinner after finding out Susan was stuck in traffic and would meet us there. 

Karen & George arrived and joined us for wee drink then it was back to room to wait to Gavin then head to registration. We headed down there 9pm sharp, plan was to register then head back and get head down for couple hours.
As you can see i was looking for some divine intervention.  Got weighed, got my hospital band aka my race number on , it was remarked upon that i was very calm, and happy. And i was.

Back to hotel where we had tea before having a lie down, trying to sleep in between bouts of hysterical laughter is tough, i guess nerves were starting to creep in.

Gavin had asked what time i wanted to head down to start, i said "12.55" jokingly. We all fell asleep, i woke up around 12.15 thinking we'd missed start, I'd had a dream about that few weeks back and thought it had come true. So had Ian clearly as he called as we were packing up our stuff to say race briefing was about to start! aaaargh panic panic.

Got there in time to hear not a word of what Sean was saying, but I'm sure he said the same as 2 previous years that I'd heard every word , i think weather was mentioned. Quick dash by my crew to get drop bags in and a last minute decision on what jacket to wear and it was time! Team Santa were primed and ready.
 Ok, i was getting nervous now, hugging everyone, getting words of wisdom from old timers, last minute kisses and good lucks, you can do it...

It was time.

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