Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Devil's Staircase To Kinlochleven

I felt pretty good at bottom of Devil weirdly, better than i did when i climbed it during the Devil race, most odd considering I'd ran about 75mile by then! 

Yes my ankles were hurting but i knew i had broken the back of this race and wouldn't throw in towel now. Quick hugs from Gav and Susan and off we went on the climb up. We steadily climbed and seemed to get there in a

reasonable time, Nick was so happy to be there, he kept looking round and smiling and singing songs all the way.

On the descent down towards that fabled town i really started to hurt. Only way to describe my ankle is that it felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to both of them, every step felt bone crushing. I was still running nonetheless. Mountain Rescue gave me some paracetamol and i plodded on. Don't think it came near to hitting spot and by time we got off the rougher ground and onto  the easy track that never ever leads to Kinlochleven i was well and truly fucked. Sorry it's only way to describe it. The terrain wasn't exactly accomodating here as you all know.

My mind was was willing, even my legs and feet were fine. You've no idea the frustration i felt when Lorna M ran past me, i said well done of course but i was gutted that i couldn't even run a few steps by then. Bone crushing baby steps were all i could manage. My body/my legs and my head were all willing, i could've cried with the hopelessness of it all, but i didnt. I didn't because i had Nick still singing to me.. I had everything from the Killers, to Sclub, to Gilbert & Sullivan? to the bay city rollers. hahaha the guy is a loony and i love him muchly. I got running commentary as to why he was choosing these songs. Time to embarrass Nick by saying his Mum used to dress him up in Tartan and get sing bye bye baby, baby bye.... lol   He chose Bucks Fizz as it was one of his wife's favourites (sorry Sarah, i know you'll be mortified by that!)She is biggest Killers fan in world, in doesn't comprehend... ;)

About a mile from Painlochleven we met a worried looking Gavin. Last time he'd saw us i was looking sprightly and going strong.. Clearly I'd lost a lot of time here with my baby steps and limited running. I told him to ask doc for something to patch me up, and he ran off to get ready.

I hobbled into Community Centre announcing my ankles had been smashed by a sledgehammer. Doctor Chris leapt into action. I got put onto treatment bed and assessed. "ouch, you've got some Angry Tendons there Sandra" he said." It must be pretty painful."  I had lumps in front of both ankles, most alarming.

As all this was going on my super crew were force feeding me, Susan reminding me to eat my noodles, drink my tea, eat my elevenses bar... lol

 I complied, cause they know best. I told Doctor Chris i was carrying on, he didn't try and stop me. He said the damage was already done anyway and that it would be painful but he'd patch me up best he could to get me those last 14miles.  JK arrived and plonked himslef on bed next to me. He was as cheerful as ever and we joked and laughed as we were patched up/iced up. Chris was certainly being kept on his toes and getting my crew to help patch JK up too. Kartina was trying to force chips down me at this stage too lol.

I kept watching the clock as i watched not only my sub23plan disappear but also the back up sub24. I spent nearly an hour in there getting treatment and was getting ants in my pants and was eager to leave. It was time was planC. Get me to the finish line.

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