Friday, 10 June 2011

Last race- Corstorphine5

Not ever, just until the race, you know, that one.

Kinda last minute decision made to run it, although i did run to gym and to work i took shortest route i could and took it fairly easy. Work has been pretty good this week, i've turned a huge corner after being there a year and things are finally looking up. I dont want to spoil things by blogging about it just yet though. Count, chickens and all that...

Anyway, off we toddled to Corstorphine after Al kindly sent us directions anyway... Arrived, got numbers found some fellow club folk then went back to car. We had different ideas about warming up. I opted to stay in car. Car=Warm

Ian opted to go for run.

I warmed up the first mile, i wasn't there to win it after all. Nor break any records. In fact the only other 5mile race i'd done was when i'd just started running so unless i got on knees and crawled i knew i'd PB. I also opted for no garmin, or any watch so i'd no idea of my time, i just went out to run basically. I didn't even get told to run a certain time, bit hard when your not wearing a watch, maybe that'll be my new tactic, just dont tell him...

Course was quite undulating, hilly some would say. Weather was pretty perfect for racing and i surprised myself by working quite hard, started overtaking people on mile 2 and carried on picking people off til end. Al overtook me on that first mile & didnt see him again til mile 4 where i kept him in my sights as a wee target, didnt catch him but it kept me focussed. Ian was waaay ahead and had cracking race.

Finished in 38.16. 7.39 pace.

Clearly i dont need a garmin or watch, i just need to actually try and push myself now and again. Yes it would be interesting to see splits as i was passed a lot in first mile but hey ho.Great race though, very well organised and lovely spread after too, well done CAA.

Ran to work next morning, then again this morning. From now til next Friday it will be about just running if i happen to feel like it, perhaps to stop me going potty. Maybe i wont bother, who knows.

I have wine, it's the weekend. :o)

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