Tuesday, 14 June 2011


My mind & body are at war.
On Sunday Ian was racing so had alarm set, i intended to stay in bed til last min, get up and get dressed in 5 mins then leave. Of course i woke up around 6.30, waay before alarm was set.
Yesterday because i'm not gyming it this week i had set my alarm for wee lie in til 5.05 (yes, thats a lie in ok)Only i didn't. Set my alarm for that time that is. Seems i set it for 6.05. Except i woke up at 4.45.
On way home from work yesterday my foot was really hurting, actual pain. It wasn't in my head. Fine once i got home.
After dinner i kept falling asleep on sofa so was packed off to bed at 9pm, I'm usually much tireder on a Monday due to it being first day back at work. Took me wee while to get to sleep considerin i could barely stay awake on sofa but got there eventually. No gym, no run today. Alarm set for a whopping lie in of 5.35
Which is why at 5.36 i'm sitting here dressed and ready for work about to have my 2nd cup of tea.
My body doth protest, it woke up at my normal time of 4.34.

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