Monday, 30 May 2011

Run like the wind

This blog has been floating around in cyberspace after our PC was *attacked* by a spy bot or i need to try and remember what I've done in past week and half...

Not sure about running like the wind but we certainly had to try and run against it at Dunblane Hydro 7.5mile Road Race.

Weather was looking quite bright when we got up, closer we got towards Dunblane the more the car was shaking. Storm clouds were gathering too, followed by sun splitting through clouds, usual Scottish weather then.... Parked car at bottom of hill and proceeded trek up there, Ian pointing out to me that this was last half mile of race. hmmm. Worse was to come as we entered road up to Hotel, yikes. I was out of breath just walking up the hill and when we got to top i nearly got blown back down.

I said "there's no way i'll be running up here!"

He said "you'd better, i'll be watching, oh and i want you in under an hour"

Got inside and found Jane & Debs, then spotted Jules huddled under window with curtains wrapped round him. I wandered over and asked if he was thinking of nicking them or taking up interior design. Turns out he was just cold, he's just done a recce of course as instructed by his coach, this didn't bode well at all. Now Jules is a fair weather runner it has to be said, i love him dearly but he has had more holidays, oh i mean training weeks abroad this year than I've had in past 6 years but he wasn't helping by telling me just how col & windy it was , especially near the worst hills.

How not to prepare for a race, listen to what Jules has to say and watch him shivering.

Soph arrived, late as usual but made it outside in time for start at bottom of hill, we don't even get to run down the damn thing! Anyway, bishbashboash and we're off. The course is certainly undulating, but i was really enjoying it. Between miles 4 and 5 i was attempting to run up a hill and i swear i was going backwards with the power of the wind throwing me around. I started to overtake people here too which was good wee booost. I powered on as hard as i could and was soon overtaking people on hill where we'd parked. One more to go, as i entered hotel grounds for that last climb that i was never going to run i glanced at garmin 59.35, there was no chance of me getting under an hour unless i whipped out my cape and flew up the damn thing.

Not that i didn't give it a damn good try though (running, not flying, i left my cape at home)and i got to top of hill running every single step. Finishing in 1hr 2min and 10secs. I was quite happy with that actually. I'd only done the 20mile night run on the Friday so i guess on fresher legs the sub60 should be doable. Really enjoyed the race, and the course. On a nice day it would be even more enjoyable.Very well organised lovely but tough course and great encouraging Marshall's. I can highly recommend!

Afterwards Ian went off to see his boys and i went out for lovely lunch in Bridge Of Allan with Jane,Allan, Jules, Fionna & Soph.Top day all round methinks.

I took a rest day on Monday, although it was bank holiday i was working til one and it was nice quiet day. Took Ian out for lunch at Tigerlily, been too long since i was there and we deserved it for our efforts over weekend i reckon. I most definitely need a day there with the girls again soon.

I ran every other day last week and ran home one day but ended up on naughty step over it. I wasn't going to but it was such a lovely day! Couldn't quite resist. Ian said no more doubles til after race. Still, made gym twice and ran 5 times.

On Wednesday the DJ on radio was talking about going to see Evita the previous night, i recall seeing it advertised a while back and said I'd wanted to go. Hopped on PC and managed to get tickets for Friday evening, wooop! Work was pretty crappy & stressful last week so it gave me something to look forward to. I really enjoyed it, and got poked by Ian every time i sang along lol.

Saturday we headed out to Kilbarchan for Lilias day, which is basically a galaday by any other name ;) I didn't win on the tombola, that's all you need to know.

Then it was off to Thomas & Silke's for a party, fantastic hosts, superb food and great company. Clearly lots and lots of talk of WHW race happening, great fun for a newbie like myself to listen to tactics of the great & good. I do wonder if Thomas is secretly some sort of superman. Great runner, Great cook, can play the piano and is a superb artist. Is there anything this man cant do? Answers on a postcard please...

I decided not to run on Sunday and spent it being a sloth,sometimes you just have to sloth it.


Spent day catching up on TV I'd taped, but still didn't manage to catch *how to train your dragon* as recommended by Marco, who admits to watching it over and over, without Cairn...

Wee 5 mile race in corstorphine tomorrow, full of speedy club runners and likes of Kate Jenkins, think i may be last....


  1. Superman? Well that's someting for a nickname! But I hope Silke does not spot your question "Is there anything this man cant do?" she will provide a HUGE list. A whole BOOK even.
    The Encyclopedia of "What Thomas can't do" :-)

    It was great having you and no question you will have a great WHW race. See you in Milngavie very soon!

  2. Ha ha. I bet you have got Thomas into loads of trouble now. Silke will have him doing loads of things.
    Hurry up and watch How to train your Dragon. Or leave it to watch on the day before the race. :-)
    See you in milngavie.



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