Saturday, 3 July 2010

Long Lost friends

Went out for long run with no clear idea of where i was going, or how long i would run for.

So i wore road shoes. Original plan was for to run to Falkirk tomorrow and join everyone at Stirling for the fetch Mile and the pub after (only real reason to go)But I'd have had to leave house about 6am, and that's a step too far for a Sunday morning quite frankly. I get up early everyday of working life and although i wake up early at weekends i do like bit of lie in.Got up 7.30 this morning..

So long run was moved to today instead. I ran out house and headed out towards laswade, then up through Loanhead and up to Fairmilehead, along to Floterstone and up and over Pentlands. This is where i am srsly gutted about my camera. The views today were nothing short of amazing. I went up Scald law first then few others, think last one was carnethy as i kinda recognised parts of it when i was up there with Karen & George in deep deep snow in December! Really need to get myself new camera :(

Up & over and down into balerno where i joined Water of Leith, coming out at Redford area before heading back towards fairmilehead then home.

26.14 hilly miles, hot and humid and very windy at the cairns.

reason for blog title is that its route i took when i did my first ever solo hill run, in June last yr, in fact it was Loanhead Gala day which was only last week, weird how one yr later on from my first ever proper hill run (after fling relay) that I've done 5Ultras and god knows how many mental training runs.

Had hell of week this week at work. Was in tears by time got home on Wednesday, things were bit brighter by Friday.Run today helped, need glass wine and bath now and off to watch footy.



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