Sunday, 2 January 2011

a Year of Ultra's, Surprises and wee hot pies

Sometimes you have to look back before looking forward, so that's exactly what Ive just done.

Reading back on my blogs from this time last yr brings back many happy memories. I'd only just starting blogging here i did a bit of copy n paste job from my old blog. This was the year i decided not to take my husband back, considering it was he who left me and then wanted me back 6 weeks later it was bit of shock. I decided the trust was well & truly gone, without that you have nothing.

I'd already had to remortgage house and everything was back into my name, scary but surprisingly comforting at same time. Made all the more scary by tensions and insecurity at work, we ended up losing contract and after a shaky few months of worry and more worry things have settled down. Thankfully i had my running to take my mind of it all

My first year as an Ultra runner, and what a year it's been. Never could i have expected things to go so well, to enjoy every tiring, sometimes back breaking step, to see Scotland in all it's gloriousness. To see places i thought I'd never ever see, and to meet so many very special people. The fling was my focus, had been from minute i entered, everything leading to it was a by product. And my god i loved it, every minute of it. I also was in floods of tears at the end knowing I'd raised over £2600 for Marie Curie, a charity so very dear to my heart. That and the fact my son had secretly got 2 trains and 3 buses to turn up and see my finish, i had no idea and was overwhelmed.

The races just kept on coming and i loved them all, Cateran trail the week before the Cateran Ultra could've been a big mistake for me, it wasn't, on so many levels. The laughs I'd had along the way I'd never trade. The support I've had incredible, the Ultra running world is surely the most friendly of places to find yourself and i thank god (OK, maybe George, Karen & Jen) for showing me the way.

I've learnt that in life we can make choices to shape our lives, but we are never entirely certain of how things will turn out. You cant always control your own destiny but you can make it your responsibility to look for the positives, to reach for the stars and to make the most of a bad situation. I think that's how i go through life. I've had many a dark day, it's always in January i miss my Mum the most, miss her seeing what I've achieved and mourn the fact she never met Stephen. But i also know it's another part of life that has shaped me and made me a stronger person.

I couldn't have predicted how this year would turn out. There are things i wish could've been handled differently, people i wish i hadn't hurt.But as i said above, sometimes we have no idea which way our life's will turn.

Enough of the coulda woulda shoulda....

Christmas was lovely,run first thing with Santa hat on, not a soul around, back home to stockings, champagne breakfast then we opened rest of pressies. i got spoilt as per usual with lots of lovely things i love. Chanel, Champagne, Shoes, Clothes etc etc. Stephen *actually* liked ALL the things i bought for change, especially the burberry jacket. bingo. Few days after Christmas we went to Linda & Graeme's for dinner. They were as per usual great hosts and had a fridgeful of champers & fabulous food, got home to find a party in full swing :-o now i couldve just chucked everyone out and went to bed like planned. But i mustve been feeling too festive, or to drunk as we just left them to it and headed off to Ian's' to stay.

Bad idea. Stephen got his ipod touch stolen and i got my old phone (which was broken but its not point) stolen. I didn't need to shout to much at Stephen as i think he beat himself up without any help from me! I'm thinking he may not be throwing anymore parties. New Year was fairly quiet but lovely. On New Years day we headed off to South Queensferry to see the loony dookers. Unfortunately we missed most of it as we had to park a million (ok, maybe 1.5)miles away and walk there. Seeing all the loonies shivering and soaked through made us laugh and i have no desire to ever join them!

Oh i've been running too! I ended the year on a fairly respectable 2103 miles. December being on of lowest monthswith 109. I'm quite happy with that.

So now it's time to look forward. To shift the extra pounds i'm pretty sure i've accumulated this past month. To plan for the year ahead. I'm curently in duscussion or should that be negotiation? with coach as to what races i'm doing (allowed to do!) lol

I hope to get back to all the old haunts, to see all the lovely people i met on my travels this year (to beat my times!) sub 11 fling & cateran? And the biggie, to complete (and enjoy!) the Ultimate. The West Highland way race.
Happy New year to you all, may all your hopes and dreams come true.

Bring it on.


  1. A lovely blog. I am almost certain to look at it again xx

  2. Happy 2011 Sandra, have a fantastic year.



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