Thursday, 6 January 2011

Stiff little Sandra

After gyming and doing double runs 2 days on trot by mid afternoon on Wed i was groaning everytime i bent down (damn squats) hey. no pain no gain they say (who are they?)

So i decided to give myself a wee rest day from gym and just run to/from work, cutting the mileage slightly too. What a result. I knocked 45secs a mile of the morning run (5am) and a whopping min and half off afternoon run! (3pm)wtf! pace was 8.37 and 7.43 respectively. Normally in morning i struggle to get under 9min mile tbh and often fall into a comfort zone of between 9 and 9.15.

So to get 7.43 this afternoon blew me away, i actually thought garmin was playing up for first mile (7.24!)but soon realised i was just bouncing along happily.

Back to gym tomorrow, got busy weekend ahead and need to try a counter attack lol

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