Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Back to reality

i must be one of few people quite happy to be back at work! Not that i didn't enjoy the holidays, it's perhaps that i enjoyed them a bit too much and quite like my early morning routine!

So it was back to basics this morning, alarm set for 4.45, up dressed, cup T and out door just after 5. Did 5 mile route to gym, arrived at gym and was mildly surprised to only find 3 people there. There was more activity in the snowbound blizzardy days! most odd. I do like being in gym before 6am though,and this morning was a bloody hard workout having not been for about 2 weeks.

I've moved my last set of weights up a bit. I'm still on 5kg (that's 2 x 5k one in each hand)for my shoulder presses (i do a small squat doing these) I've moved from 7 to 9kg(or 18k that should be?) for my dead lifts which are alternated with my planks and it near on killed me this morning. Ok, i might be slightly exaggerating here but it was hard work! Altogether i do 4 sets of supersets involving free weights, kettlebells and pulley machine thingy.
Still, bish bash bosh 30min workout was done and i worked damn hard for it. another mile run to work and i was raring to go if a little jelly legged by then.

Busy day today but not too bad. Had cracking run home, only ever run that fast normally when chasing coach but i was flying when i left work! Wish someone would clear pavements for me though ffs, I'm sick of getting dirty looks or running onto road cause people are taking up entire pavement or dawdling around like 80yr olds on way to funeral parlour.

So there it is, starting as i mean to go on. Gym at least 3 times a week, more if I'm not too tired. I'll maybe try and move onto 6k for my shoulder press soon, watch this space.

yikes, a blog all about training.

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