Friday, 24 December 2010

Busy Bee

Yikes, been a while since i last posted, this wont do at all!

Last week was spent concentrating on those damn Christmas lunches. Lots of hard work went into it, the first day was bit shaky and i went home exhausted & in tears after not sitting down )or eating!)the entire day after bloody running there but 2nd day went extremely well. Do hope people appreciate just how much hard work goes into these things.

Friday i finished early and headed off home to put heels & dress on then back into town to meet Jemima & Thelma for dinner.Two of them are selfish enough to have birthday's mid December! Jemima & i decided we'd get a spa day with overnight stay booked and that would be both our birthday/Christmas presents to each other. Had lovely meal and catch up then headed off elsewhere for more drinks. Rolled home around 4am. great night.

Had fairly lazy day on Saturday, wandered up into Morningside for bit of Christmas shopping then by 2pm realised i hadn't eaten so popped into Gregg's for sausage roll, proper athlete food clearly. Talking of Athletes, cant say I've been much of one this month. Only done around 100 miles hasn't helped that I've been so busy at work and pretty poorly this week with bad chesty cough. Coach says it's no big deal when i fret about it though as I've had bit of mega year.

On Sunday we went to the Christmas Market, it was snowing and although it was Baltic it looked just lovely. Ian had mulled wine with rum and i had raspberry wine with raspberry liqueur, it was enough to keep us warm whilst we wandered around. Princes street looked stunning in the snow, made me feel very Christmassy.

this blog is boring me so I'm going to get dressed and go Christmas shopping then drop off pressies to my family maybe I'll be inspired to blog later, who knows!

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