Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Weebles wobble but they dont fall down

Haha, i loved weebles. I had this wee playground>

when i googled weebles and found some pics they all look a bit sinister now!

Talking of childhood toys, does anyone remember frisco disco? that was my first record player, i found a picture on Ebay but i'm pretty damn sure mine had a microphone and earphone's, i remember driving my big brothers crazy singing the 2 records i had over & over until i was unplugged! lol

Sorry, i know this has nothing to with running but someone said weeble earlier and it instantly sparked off many happy memories :o) Although I've definitely felt like bit of a weeble on the ice and snow this week, lets hope i don't fall down either....

Friday night was catch up night. Chris (who used to work for me) emigrated to Canada about 6yrs ago now, he went over with Leisa whom he met whilst they both worked at Museum with me.Long story cut short, they got married. At time i thought they were bit of odd couple, Chris was the original party guy and into his clubbing, Leisa quite the opposite and preffered starbucks to nightclubs. but they got married and off they went to Canada. (she is Canadian) They came last year to visit and i was shocked to find out Chris had put an enormous amount of weight on. He'd been really heavy as a teenager and i feared he was heading back same way.

to cut to the quick, he's back and this time alone. They split up in October, Leisa had a new man by end of month and is now living in Miami! Chris seems happy to stay in Canada for now as he has a stake in the Hotel he works at and owns a house there too. Everything seems completely amicable which is good, Leisa still regularly comments on his FB page and Chris is happier than I've seen him in years. Oh, and 4 stone lighter! He admitted himself he ate when he was miserable and since October he pulled his socks up and joined a gym, he even joined one for time he's over here. Very proud of him. We had a great night, too much food, too much wine but great time nonetheless. By time we left restaurant there had been a few inches of snow, mental.

With the snow being so heavy overnight so we decided to head up Craiglockheart hill in the morning to test it out, last time we attempted it the ice was way too slippy.Glorious views from top and a beautiful winters day.

Met plenty dog walkers, few Mountain bikers and couple runners out enjoying the crazy/lovely weather.Mind you, i only say it's lovely if its crunchy and non slippy, i was soon complaining when i got into my heels and dress for my night out!
So next night out was my staff Christmas party. This one i wasn't looking forward to so much. No we're not celebrating stupidly early we just know we'll get better service and better food having our night out in January!
It wasn't too bad actually, Food was really very good as was service. After meal we went across to pub over road and had few drinks. Was home and tucked up in bed bed before 12 though so a pretty tame night by my standards!
Had lovely lazy Sunday with no running. Pile of Sunday papers and watching footy with Stephen, followed by nice roast dinner. Pretty damn good all round i reckon.
Back into training mode on Monday and up at 5am. Run to gym, then to work, then home. After working all day that is, i didn't just turn around and come home once I'd got there lol .Today i took gym rest day but still ran to and from work. Still surprising myself with my pace, clearly this run faster to run faster stuff really work huh? Been told I've got to run even faster though. Gulp.
It was almost tropical this morning too, really need to get my thinner running jacket back from the depths of Newcastle where i left it
Managed to get group organised to run on WHW, plan is to do Drymen to Rowardennan and back, if conic hill is mental like this time last yr we can bypass it on way back like we did then.
Got fair few people coming along and looking forward to the weekend immensely.
Gutted for Phil (flip) who has once again hurt his foot and has scuppered chances of joining us, get well soon my lovely friend , miss you. x
Running Club Ceilidh this weekend, i hope i don't bring a couple down on dance floor like i managed to last year! :-o



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