Friday, 14 January 2011

Quick week

this week has surely flown in quickly! Think it's because I've been busy at work and I've got back into proper routine training wise.

Ran doubles everyday so far this week. Except Wednesday, only ran in morning and went to gym. I've ran 9 times this week and still got weekend left! It did hit me around 3pm today though, felt very tired at work. Thought about getting bus home but decided to run for bit and see how i felt. Bus passed me on princes st and i played catch with it all way to morningside and ended up beating it big time :o)

I now only do around 3 miles to gym and 2 or 3 after and it's really helping push my pace. This morning for instance the splits were
8.30 gym
7.59 after gym
6.53! good god! :-o

dont think i've ever got under 7mm before, mental.

Talking of the gym, I'm getting to see who the regular early birds are now. There's wee old man, man with PT who i think must be football coach after overhearing some of their conversations, gym bunny who might as well stay in bed (I'll get back to that) and few randoms scattered around for good measure.

gym bunny- I've only ever seen her on the the cross trainer. She's there when i get to gym (earliest i get there is around 5.45) she's on it when i leave (latest i leave is 6.30) She is hunched over it, leaning on the bars. And i thought at first she was just standing slouched over it but on closer inspection she is moving her feet ever so slightly. She'd use up more calories lying in bed wiggling her toes. she actually doesnt break sweat. I'm a sweaty mess by time i finish my session and mine is less than 30mins

Another strange sight this morning. Man jogging on spot. Why? The place is has plethora of dreadmills and cardio machines. Most odd. Picking up on John K's blog re-weather, i couldn't agree more! It was torrential rain when i left house so i had jacket on but was mighty relieved to get to gym and get it off, had good session at gym and upped my dumb bells to 10k for my deadweights, so that's 20k! woop!
shoved jacket in bag for run after gym and ran in my vest and shorts. fabulous, summer is here ;)

Restday tomorrow, followed by Club Ceilidh tomorrow night so maybe not so much of a rest!

Happy weekend everyone :o)

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