Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What a difference a day makes

Had a rest day yesterday, kind of enforced one as i had a works conference to go to but at least it made me rest/taper.
And after talking about how perfect a day it was on Monday for running i was full of joys of spring as i left this morning in my vest.
Here is pic i took on Monday as i left the gym, it was around 6.30 am and i delighted to see the sun rising behind Arthurs Seat again.
Got 2 steps outside and swiftly put jacket and gloves on as it was baltic, and raining.Too cold even for me.
Or was it, hold on, that's not rain, it's big and fluffy and errrm WHITE. ffs. Snow!

Couldn't beleive it, i thought spring truly had sprung. But lo & behold it stopped 5 mins later and run to gym was a dry one if a tad chilly. Did usual session 30mins. Went to leave gmym and several people came in looking like snowmen, it was a total whiteout. Crazy weather.

Cant see Arthurs seat now! >>>

Was soaked through by time got to work and frozen to bone. By 9am there was blue skies and sunshine. Only in Scotland.....

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