Monday, 7 March 2011

Ger off ma laaaaand!

Why oh why do most pedestrians scowl at us and make us feel like we have no right to be sharing a pavement with them? It drives me to distraction! I truly hope i wasn't like that before i started running..

This morning i was running past a bus stop just as woman got off, a very fat woman i hasten to add. I had to run round her and just tutted very loudly at me! ffs, i was furious, it was 6am and there was hardly another soul around so her big fat arse had plenty space to wobble around the pavement! I shouted back at her "why are you tutting at ME you stupid cow" jeez.

Anyway,apart from that I'd already had a pleasant run to gym, got there for 5.45. Did my new workout which is tough going but i think is going to really work for me,PT Andy is there with Charlie from proclaimers same time i go(well he's there around 6 anyway) so he told me he'd keep eye on me (means i cant slack i guess!) I then ran to work and that's when i had my incident.

Somehow managed to do 41 miles last week just by running to & from work really. Went out for wee run on Saturday with Ian and came back with a haircut, don't worry he didn't do it, i stopped at a hairdressers. Was out for Lunch on Saturday which turned into a lateish one with copious amounts of champagne being forced down my throat. Linda & Graeme the culprits as usual.

Sunday i had vague ideas of running before football started, as it turned out i ended up at hospital with Stephen. I think it's only about his 3rd visit this yr! We should get a loyalty card for that place. Football again, groin this time.I did manage to get a run in though by actually running to the hospital, 2 birds, stone and all that...

Beautiful day for running today, maybe i'll not be only one in vest & shorts soon...

Inverness Half this weekend, i wonder if I'll actually get a wee taper day in?


  1. Good luck for inverness. Its my local half marathon but I have to work this year so i can't do it or even spectate :0(

  2. yeh Sandra

    good luck with inverness.....and yip see you on the line in 2 weeks...and mind find that Taper day :-)

  3. Good luck with the Half. I've done it twice before but decided not to do this year as got the D33 the next week and two long drives in space of a week would have cost a fortune with the cost of petrol!!! Its a great goody bag BTW.

    Colin K

  4. I don't think I've ever fallen out with a pedestrian, but I've had many a run in with drivers/taxi/buses.

    Good luck on Sunday.

  5. You would love Phoenix, apart from the heat. There are no pedestrians, they're all too lazy :-)



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