Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Changes & tough decisions

I've decided to turn my training upside down a bit as bit of experiment and it seems to working ok.

I'd gotten into bad habit of having really hectic day and work and not going to gym due to tiredness aka laziness. I'm fine when i get there & i do enjoy it but it's a chore to actually go after work.

So I've been leaving earlier and running to gym, then going to work. It's working out fine so far and it also means once work is done it leaves me time for the more important things in life.

Talking of which... i made tough decision to postpone the trip to Old Trafford on Saturday for 2 reasons. Stephen had an important football match and didn't want to miss it and one of his Friends was off to Oz for 2 yrs and it was his night out. So i asked the lovely Nick who'd very kindly got me the tickets if i could postpone our trip down if he could resell them and he could, thankfully.

Only one problem there. SNOW. It's like the North Pole here at the minute and the game was called off, as was the night out! And we only went on to win 7-1!! how gutted was i???

Still, the snow will not stop me running that's for sure. It's bit tricky getting out of my estate as it's at top of hill but once I'm out it's fine. TBH if i hadn't run to gym/work yesterday i wouldn't have got there at all as all bus services had stopped til gritters got out. I was like a walking snowman by time i got to gym haha
Security at work just shake their heads at me now, i guess they're getting used to seeing me run in any weather and have stopped making the "you didn't run in THAT did you?"comments now...

Went for lovely run on Sunday morning, and although i was in shorts i conceded and wore a jacket for a change, oh and a hat too! Ian said people were still giving me double takes when i passed them though and i got a fair few comments fired at me!

Now i although i said it was lovely it was also bloody tough. It's a bit of a slog through the deeper snow and really works your legs, not helped by coach making me run fast, not sure i like it or him!He keeps throwing these crazy figures at me about what he thinks my capabilities are and i just laugh at him. Maybe i should stop laughing cause i think it makes him work me harder. When i said i felt sick the other day he was delighted ffs.

Day was finished off with bit of shopping, footy fest & Sunday Roast. Perfect.

Almost up to 2000miles for yr now, should hit that by end of week. I used to be a mileage chaser and that stopped for me when i got injured and it became secondary to getting back to full fitness and staying fit & healthy. Still nice to see I've hit such 2000 though, well nearly...hope don't break leg on way to work this morning :-o

Finally started my Christmas shopping last night. I get stupidly excited at Christmas, only time of year i enjoy shopping really. I like shopping for other people, just not myself, love to try and fine the right present rather than copping out and buying vouchers. Got busy few weekends ahead with various stuff so really need to get organised. Yikes, its 5.42am, too late for gym. Not too late to run though



  1. Crikey what time of the morning are you getting up now to fit all of that in ? But excellent job done :-)

  2. You're putting us all to shame Sandra ...stop it ;)



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