Wednesday, 10 November 2010

In Demand

Crikey it's been bit of busy week. Work has been bit mental and I've been catching up with lots of old friends.

Friday night i was at a surprise party for Kim who i used to work with in Woodmac. Met Martyn for few drinks beforehand in wetherspoons, place was packed and we stood at side of table which was occupied, old bloke started chatting to me about everything from football to music. As we were leaving he told me I'd made his night and said to Martyn that i was vivacious! How come i only ever get chatted up by old men? lol

Finally got to meet Martyn's boyfriend too,he is rather lovely and i invited him along to wedding next day as my guest.

Got to Living Room & there were masses of hugs all round.I've really missed all the woodmac folk so i was wee bit sad too :( Kim arrived about an hour later and was hugely surprised to see us all. Martyn had said to me before we'd even arrived that he was only staying for few drinks as had had wedding next day (as did i) and i said same thing. So after that statement you'll not be surprised to find out we were still there at end of night! lol Great night.
Saturday was Claire & Joe's wedding. I headed down to Jemima's for dinner and drinks,then he all headed off to wedding. More old face and loads more hugs to be had! Claire used to work for me in Museum, that's where she met Joe, 2 of the bridesmaids also used to work for me and I'd not seen them in aaaages.Jemima & i were of course first on dance floor as per usual and it stayed that way most of night. We had brilliant time. Claire & Joe looked really happy, he thanked me for my part in them meeting and i threatened to beat him up if he didn't keep her as happy as she clearly was :o)

Sunday was spent running round pentland hills in the first snowfall of year! Some parts were bit icy and scary, slightly reminiscent of conic hill last January but nowhere near as bad. There was only snow on 2 highest peaks though rest were icy or just bit slippy from all the rain over the week.Weather was glorious though and me being me i was in my vest which prompted a few surprised comments from people we passed lol

Been really busy again so far this week again, work is super busy and last night i went to a reception at Scottish parliament with Jane.I arrived at her hotel and txt to say i was downstairs, i was told to order a drink and charge it to their room. Jane arrived 5 mins later asking why i hadn't ordered champagne, lol. I told her i didn't want to be quite so presumptuous but off she went to bar and got some anyway. The exhibition was great and really interesting. We got chatting to an MSP (Jamie Stone) and after telling him it was our 1st visit there he insisted he show us the chamber. So off we went, we met another MP in there and were kept amused to stories about a certain Tommy sheridan haha. I sat in First minister Alex Salmond's seat and got pic taken, wasn't until we were leaving we saw sign saying *no cameras,no sitting in minsters seats* LOL ooops, they were on Facebook by then so if you don't hear from me again it's cause I've been dragged off and thrown in the tower...
Mind you Jamie wasnt exactly discouraging me, he even gave me his email address so i could mail him the pics.Jane said he was totally chatting me up.

Many thanks to Jane & Allan for inviting me along, had lovely night.

Was bit tired this morning but i still ran. Deliberately taking it easy this week as I've got Kinlochleven to Tyndrum race on Sunday. Although I'm not racing it. I said to Susan I'd stay with her and get her through it. She is starting to get bit nervous now as it's going to be longest distance since return from injury, but i know she can do it. I got her through the last 12miles of the fling which was no mean feat i can tell you (I'd already done first 12 miles in relay,it was before my ultra days!) Really looking forward to it and hope weather is ok as i plan to wear my kilt, don't fancy the chaffing I'll get if weather is pretty wet.

Footyfest with my boy tonight (and his pal) woohooo, we so better win..

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  1. Jamie Stone! Now there's a blast from the past... from the town I grew up in. Good luck in KLL->



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