Sunday, 5 December 2010

Snow Joke

Been a very weird week. Edinburgh has never seen snow like this. We had lots of it last yr but not all in one week!
I've never known the Forth Road bridge to be closed and I've never seen snow quite so deep in my estate,it's up to my windowsill now. madness.

Work has been funny, staff were getting (paid for) taxis and and i arrive in my shorts after running there. Lightweights. It's tough running in it, especially when the pavements are all churned up and roads are iced up,but i do think it makes us stronger runners. Running through adversity and all that. Still been surprised to actually fine people at gym when i arrive there at6am, i do think I'm only one who runs there though, and runs after it lol

So I've passed the 2000 miles mark for the year now. (2018 to be precise) and after looking at my training log i was amazed to find that Aug/Oct & Nov i did 176 miles. How weird is that?It's not like i do exact same thing all time.November for instance i had the S2S Ultra & Newcastle Marathon, weird that it's came out same mileage for 3 months.

The Snow has also messed up plans for weekend. Ian was meant to move into his new place on Friday but John Lewis couldn't deliver bed so that scuppered that. Fetch Mile race/Social was meant to happen on Saturday but again snow halted proceedings. Ian's car has been under several feet of snow for last week so he's stuck and unable to get where he needs to be. So now we just want a thaw please. It can come back for Christmas but stay away til then please.

Still, it did mean that the Christmas shopping finally got going on Saturday .I've done few bits n pieces online but needed to get out and actually wander the shops. It's Jemima's & Thelma's birthday mid December too so had to also get Birthday presents. Day was broken up a bit by the occasional drink to ease the pain. That and trying on nice things in John Lewis. Rather successful day all in the end.

Talking of Christmas i put my tree up on Thursday. Stephen came home from work with his pal Jordan and i made them pizza while they climbed into attic to get it all down. Stephen kept finding stuff he'd squirrelled away up there, signed man utd shirts, old programmes, games etc

Once everything was down we all got stuck in and put tree up together, it was great fun and it looks fab, even if i do say so myself!

Thursday night it finally stopped snowing but iced up overnight, so when i left house in morning i found this hanging from porch! Run to work was mainly on road but i had to keep throwing myself into the mounds of packed icy snow to avoid the snowploughs ploughing me along the with snow. Dangerous stuff this running lark!

Next weekend is also superbusy. I'm hosting the Fetch Christmas party this year after leaving it too late to book anywhere. Lets hope snow melts a bit by then cause people are coming from all over for it and i think a lot of them are staying. My parties tend to go on into small hours of morning as you can imagine! Think will have a lot of house guests that night. All beds are booked as are the sofas, think few camps beds will be in order too.

On Sunday I've got Christmas lunch with the girls, that should be interesting, lets hope i don't fall asleep in my soup!

oh, I've finally got my camera back! hurrah. Popped into jessops on Wednesday and found out it had been back since bloody early October! :-o they were supposed to email/call/txt me ffs. muppets. Still i have it back and I'm happy.

Having mentioned in my last blog about my injury, i had to rethink how i ran, this link gives bit of insight into rethinking everything i thought i knew and had to change. I started a thread on fetch whilst i was still injured titled *learning to run again* someone recently resurrected it and it was really quite astounding to look back on it and see how far i've come since then.

I hope it's gave people who are injured some hope and some drive to realise that with some changes we can run injury free

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  1. great running and mileage for the year babe xx



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