Wednesday, 24 November 2010


My legs seem to have recovered remarkably well from the Marathon,which has surprised me really. Although did spent entire day Monday doing pretty much nothing i tried to go up & downstairs as often as possible to keep legs moving.

Back to work on Tuesday so i decided to run in. Did the middle distance route of 6.5miles. Had really busy day at work then i ran to gym.It's first time I've been to gym for about 2 weeks. it was packed! Maybe folk are trying to shape up for Christmas or something?

I got through my workout fairly quickly & efficiently and was literally sweating buckets by time i fin shed,nice thought i know! After gym i ran up to my Big Brothers house.Not seen baby since he was week old, he is now 7 weeks old! Bad Auntie.Met Stephen just as he got off bus. He said he saw me about a mile back and i beat the bus :)

Got to Alan & Marie's and was delighted to find Mick & Grainie (Marie's bro & niece) who were over from Ireland visiting so had good catch up with everyone. Fiachra (still have issues with the name!) is gorgeous and Stephen was singing to him and making him smile.

Stephen then headed off to football training, not before having a shower at Alan's though! lol, who has shower before training? I wearily headed off home the day/weekend finally catching up on me.

In bed before 10 exhausted. I guess 3 runs, busy day @ work, gym and Marathon few days previous might do that to you....
So i decided i needed a well earned rest day today. Mind you not much of rest day when you're short staffed at work and it's month end,stock take & paperwork day. Hey ho

Got call from Roger tonight, asking me to do some modelling for him for his coursework, said i would as it doesn't sound anything too daunting!

Football tonight, if Rangers play like they did last time i will be shouty at TV again i reckon. Stephen has his earplugs ready....

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  1. Yo sis, just catching up for the first time in weeks. Well done on Newcastle, super time.



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