Monday, 22 November 2010

Looking forward

Need to start making plans

Phil is coming up next weekend and planning on basing himself at Oak tree Inn so i might just have to join him if he has space for wee one.Had lots of folk asking me to let them know when I'm planning heading up to WHW for training runs so think we're going to have some fun weekends if it's anything like this yr was anyway.

Yesterday's race really surprised me. I actually didn't think i was capable of running that fast. I know it's not *fast* compared to lots of folk but it's fast for me. I guess I'm always surprised when people tell me I'm a good runner,i certainly never see myself as that. I have a huge lack of confidence in myself sometimes and people who've met me find that quite surprising.

I guess my next step is tackling a sub3.45 this makes me more than a bit nervous because it lays down the gauntlet. If anyone had said I'd come close to that yesterday I'd have laughed in their face. I'm a bit rubbish at short distances and i know i have to tackle that too, as someone said to me recently we have to run faster to run faster.

So i'll try that i think.

From now on my focus is the WHW race,everything else will be training towards it.I have a great crew, i just need to start believing i can do it justice.

I guess I'm mentally strong and i think my life has shaped that. There's many things I'd rather have not happened to make me that way (My mum dying when i was 21 for instance)but we cant go through life with regret

I think I'm stupidly naive sometimes and stupidly trusting. And I'm always paying for it. It then makes me look at my life and think of how i can protect myself from the inevitable. But when i say that i get told I'm amazing just the way i am (to quote a song) I'm lucky to have good friends to tell me that and to make me believe that not everyone is the same.

Been up & downstairs few times now and my legs seem fine, quite pleased with that.There's always a positive if you look hard enough.


  1. You need to look in the mirror and see the Ultra Athlete, because that's what you are. You are going to storm the WHW race :)

  2. Naive and trusting is good - sure you'll get hurt sometimes but you'll remain a good and lovely person. Well done on the amazinng PB. When you said shorter did you mean 26.2 miles?

  3. better to be trusting than closed off and defensive. you win more than you lose. and you are going to storm the WHW x

  4. You did brilliantly at the Town Moor and I can't wait to see you pick up that goblet next year and I will be shouting so hard for you and filling it with Veuve for you!! :-D :-D



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