Thursday, 26 August 2010

Tourist Dodging

Wasn't going to run home yesterday but it was such a lovely day i couldn't resist. Had to work out least painless way to get to meadows from St Andrew Square though.

Went straight along Thistle st then up south st charlotte st before hell descended on me. My time i was at corner of Lothian road, oh at least 2 mins later i was actually swearing at people and doing 11min miling ffs. Running into the meadows was like an oasis of calm, just brilliant, and Duran Duran came on as i got there so upped the pace and ran with smile on face, loving it :)

Got home, did my weights and gave myself a crackerjack pencil.

After some contemplation i made decision to ditch Glasgow Half, which i actually really enjoy, to do Perth50k. Several reasons for this. Susan wants me to go down to Dumfries to do her club half, nt been down to visit for long enough so i have to really :) I've never done a 50k before so it's a new distance and i think with it being flat and on tarmac it will give me good training for upcoming Marathons i've got. There are quite few people doing it i know so it'll be a lovely sociable race and i can stay and cheer folk on after, oh and drink wine and tease them ;) This of course means 2 Ultras in 2 weeks, probably need to take it fairly easy week inbetween.

This might sound crazy tosome folk but i think Ultra runnin makes me lazy, any sign of a hill and i'm walking, i've forgotten how to run 26miles and need to get that idea back in my head. Looking to PB at both half & Marathon distance before the year is out.

In other news i've just been contact by a reporter from The Herald who wants to do a piece about New Ultra Runers (Tim's fault, he agve her my name!)watch this space..

Crikey, was this almost a running blog?soon sort that out...

Jules is coming through from Stirling today as there is show he wants to see. He has ended up booking us tickets for 2 shows and got table booked for dinner, it's going to be a busy night! Plan is to run into twn when he arrives, go join the gym, go collect tickets. Come back home, shower & change and head out for dinner. I'm going to behave like proper tourist, stopping in my tracks in middle of street, slowing down to snails pace in a lame excuse to walk. Barging through queues without regard for anyone. Getting on bus with £20 and not understanding why i cant get change. Asking driver for direction on map then getting back off bus again. Oh and standing at top of stairs of bus so no one can get past!

Alcohol will be involved.



  1. join a gym....!!!! Is this real Sants writing!?! ;-) Hope you have a nice time with Jules.

  2. lol i know, i need to shape up Soph!



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