Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Stiffen up girl!

Feeling bit stiff this morning, my arms and my core, ouchies. Could do with nice rubdown, any offers?

Day 3 of weights, i've already upped the anti and started doing more reps, get me! Didn't hula Hoop yesterday, i'm onlydoing that about 3 times week as 30 mins of that hurts next day!

Contemplating joining a gym but needto decide whether i'll use the damn thing or not, used to get free use of Roxburgh Hotel gym through WoodMac and that was handy, but would my money be better spent elsewhere> ie- on champagne lol! only kidding.. I mean on everything else, i've not had a bloody holiday this yr, plenty weekends awy yes, all of which involved running a rather long way and drinking rather a lot. Ultra running good for your health? I think not, well not if you've no willpower, that'll be me then!

Actually there is a gym is could join for £16.99 month and no joining fee or contract so that would be good. Personal trainers available... hmm that just about seals it! :) http://www.puregym.co.uk/Pure-Gym/Edinburgh
Might take a donder up after work and have a look, see if they can entice me in...

Had nice day yesterday, Monday's are usually rubbish but although busy as ever it was made all the more pleasant somehow by certain people.Wasn't even spoilt by stupid tourists , s'all good.

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