Thursday, 19 August 2010

Kicking Back & catching up and raging

I have a condition which is pretty much incurable. It tend to flare up at certain times of the year and is most prevalent around August time, it lessens as September kicks in and flares up occasionally in Oct, and most definitely in December.

As far as i know there is no cure, i deal with it by drinking alcohol, running and taking big deep breaths whilst muttering obscenities under my breath.

as i leave work and get closer to princes st i can feel the pressure building and sure enough, my condition soon kicks in big time...

am of course talking about Tourist rage!
Anyway ....

Got call from Martyn on Wednesday to tell me he'd been contacted by my old MD and offered a job and he wanted to meet me to discuss it. Martyn has worked on & off for me for last 12yrs, and since me & Nat moved to new place he was only one of my team left on his lonesome and he wasn't too happy.

Anyway, we met for a *drink* haha, who are we kidding? waaay too many for a school night but it was fun night and the job sounds great so i told him to go for it (he got it)

i had bit of lie on Friday and didnt run. Saturday i met up with Jemima, it's always messy..

Jemima got me Kitchins vouchers for my birthday (in feb) and we've been trying to get booked ever since. Either i've go a race, training weekend or whatnot, or she's at some dance thing or off on holiday. Everytime our diaries are free we could never get booked up for Kitchins! aaargh, i got bit narky with them last time i tried to book and she suggested i try their new sister restaurant which had literally just opened. So i did and we got booked up hurrah!

Table booked for 12 and even though i left house in plenty time i was late due totourists (aaaaargh!) got there around 12.15 to find J enjoying an aperitif, i ordered one too and we were shown to our table. Food, service, everything about this place was just superb. Will defnitely go back.

Left there around 2.45 and took a wander up to Tigerlilly,saw this t shirt enroute! :)

yeah, i know, i'm hardly ever there huh? ;) This time however we were VIP's

Last time Susan visited I'd taken her there and they had an offer on. Half price Pink Prosecco, which came with strawberries & mini cupcakes so of course we opted for that.Having delivered the bubbly & the strawberries the cupcakes were nowhere to be seen so i asked about them and they told me they were in the oven baking. I asked about an alternative and we got delicious strawberry tarts, but only after asking.

After deciding to have another bottle same thing happened again! no way were *still in oven* We got extra strawberries this time, but again only after asking. I rarely complain unless there is a valid reason, and being told porkies is a valid reason i reckon so i mailed the Manager. Got a very prompt and apologetic response and a promise of free bubbles next time i was in, hence VIP treatment.
They made us special *normal sized* cupcakes with sparkly T (for tigertilly, in case your thick) on them, and we also got the mini ones & strawberries too!

Bearing in mind we'd just been for 3 course lunch & not wanting to appear rude seeing the trouble they'd gone to (they don't do cupcakes on Saturdays)

They sat there until we were on 2nd bottle where we tried to eat one between us then wrapped the other in a napkin and shoved it in J's handbag! lol i wonder what state her bag was in the morning?

After 2 bottles there we took a wander, got txt from Mental Keith asking if we were still out as he was in town. He came into pub saying "i just looked for a table with bottle of bubbly on it" lol well we did...

After That we headed to Castle Arms as our friend Gary used to own it and both of us worked there too at some point! then we headed to Victoria St to an Irish bar where a band was playing. Kept getting random txt of number i didn't recognise. Turns out it was Stephens football coach! Stephen said i should go out with him cause he was buying them al champagne last weekend and drinks in all places i do.Comes to something when my own son is trying to fix me up! Anyway, txt went on pretty much all night, by time we were in grasmarket Jemima admitted defeat and needed to go home and i went off to meet said Football coach! lol, blind date after drinking for 12 hrs, go figure!

Back to Tigerlily but i arrived before him and got chatted up and bought drinks by another bloke so he wasn't best pleased when he arrived hahaa Anyway, he got me out of there quick to get me away from the other bloke and took me to Tonic where i had some French Martinis and by 2am i was fading fast, funnily enough. He got me a taxi and i headed off home to much needed bed.

Sunday i didn't get up til 11.30! :-o longest lie in ever! Rest of day was spent sunbathing in garden. Kelly came up (Stephens girlfriend) and joined me and we lay there watching Stephen cleaning up BBQ.So no running to speak off! Cracking weekend though.

Ran to work all week so far though and yesterday i ran 3 times! Every time anyone from Fetch visits Edinburgh we organise a bit of a get together. ie- a run round Arthurs seat then to the pub! John was visiting fetchie this time.

Susan was coming up from Dumfries so we decided to run down there from my house. Got home just as Susan arrived, quickly got changed and waited on Soph who as usual was late. Eventually got txt from her saying just to meet her at Holyrood as traffic was bad.
Just as we approached the meadows Ian S appeared from nowhere and joined us on run down. Then we bumped into Soph soon as we hit Park so 4 of us ended up arriving together. Got down there and waited on everyone else arriving, Ian (diff one lol) txt to say he'd be late and he'd catch us by running towards us, which he did :) We always stop at this bench to let everyone catch up and take the obligatory shot!

Soph as per usual had to have an incident.We were running down hill and i took off running down with wild abandon and no fear, it was great. Ian shouted that i was leaving everyone behind so i turned round to shout at Kevin, Soph then turned round to shout and suddenly there was a thud. She'd only gone and ran right into some poor bloke who wassitting quietly enjoying the sun and the tranquility of Arthur Seat! hahahah She booted him right in back. I actually had a sore stomach from laughing, and I'm still laughing typing this. I don't think he wa best pleased that we were all laughing our heads off as he was rubbing his back looking really quite pissed off! lol again, typical Sophster.Thenit was off to Pub! Well most of us anyway. Ian & Bob both went off home, not together though lol. Had great fun in pub even though Gavin & John were most upset when they couldn't get chips. I saw someone eating chips at bar after that though and when i went to get drinks i challenged the barman about it. He apologised and sen over some free chips. Wasn't enough to keep the boys happy though and they ended up with crisps. I was fairly sensible and said I'd only have one glass wine then go onto Vodka, but John somehow ended up buying me 2? So i drank one & half and gave other half to Susan who'd gulped her drink down in one practically.

Gavin said his goodbyes and left and then reappeared carrying a rose which he then gave to me. He said a guy gave it to him to give to me! lol Same guy told Susan he "thought i was hot"( i was in my running gear btw)
when i was at bar next he slipped me his phone number telling me he *he didn't normally do this kind of thing* lol

no i wont be calling him. Yes i am too fussy and i always want what i cant have etc...



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