Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sensible Sandra

That would be a new one huh? I had the offer of a date on friday and i chose to stay in, like the good girl that i am!

Had girls lunch on Saturday. Last time we were out we wandered past Apex Hotel in Waterloo place, the bar looked rather nice so we popped in for glass of bubbles. We notcied they had this deal on >
So we made date for our next lunch and went there. No one (except me) wanted to go to gym so we just went for swim. Well tried to anyway. (rant alert)

There was only one person in pool when we first got there so i (thankfully) decided to swim as many lengths as possible before it got any busier (not a big pool!) I managed 50 before few more folk came in. Of course they weren't there to swim, oh no. I mean who goes to the pool and ACTUALLY swims? Surely everyone goes just to sit and the end blocking the whole fuckin side and sit and talk!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

Somehow i manged to squeeze in 130 lengths (it was only 12metres long, I'm no sharon davies!) whilst *accidentally* kicking the bobbers at the end. Next time I'll suggest that they all go round to someones house and talk to each other whilst one of them is in bath, save the bother of swimpoolrage.

Lunch was really lovely, and we only had 2 bottles of wine between 5 of us!! yes really. Mind you one was driving but still... Usually a few of us would head out after but no one was up for it so there i was all dressed up with no place to go :( I schlepped off home and sat and watched the results on Sky sports news and faffed around watching crap telly and faffing around on FB, Twitter, Txt...

Something/someone prompted me to re-read some of my old blogs on Fetch, crikey there are hundreds of posts, lots i don't even remember. Good to look back on though, it charts all the break up stuff, the *should i take him back* stuff etc & it makes you realise how far you can come and how much your life can change in a relatively short time. I also had look at my training and realised i was getting better times when i was doing bit of cross training on top of *just* running. The cross training I'd *prefer* is not available ;)so i guess I'll have to get the weights back out again.

My blog about Fling relay in 2009 and subsequent buying of trail shoes next month made me smile,never thought I'd feel need to buy trails shoes haha how things really do change.

So here i am a year & 7 Ultras Later, and actually really quite happy my life thank you very much. Yes I'd like to have more money, yes I'd like a holiday, Yes, I'd like to go on occasional dinner date but hey I'll make the best from what I've got in meantime.

Woke up super early this morning and eventually got up around 5.45! Mental. So i went out for run about 6.30, just did 7 miles but it was nice. Came back and got weights out and did them for first time in ages, new regime starts here!

I've cleaned house from top to bottom, made soup & prepped dinner. Footyfest time!


  1. Put me down also for being in need of $$, a holiday and a dinner date xx

  2. aye , you could do with some x training.



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