Sunday, 1 August 2010

Devil of a week

Been bit of traumatic week and needed some postivity before i blogged again!

Had fab time with Susan, we had nice lunch, lots of bubbly in TigerLilly then more wine before we staggered home. Up in morning and after a delicious breakfast (even if i do say so myself!) we went out for 5 miles to run it off.

Sunday morning George came to pick me up and we went for run which was lead by crazyKeith the mad Australian. Cracking run it was too, took me to places i've never been before! Fancy that, an aussie showing me new stuff! We even saw some exotic animals, who'd have thunk it?
Then it was back to Keith's where he stripped off , donned his pinny and cooked a delicious breakfast for us :o)

Back to work on Monday, but not as i know it. Met my area manager in Unit i'd been working for couple weeks in only to be told i was getting moved there. I am seriously gutted, it feels like my 6 years of hard work counts for nothing and now that they're moving to a shiny new office i'm discarded with the old furniture. I have to grit teeth and just get on with it for now though!
The people are lovely as are the staff but i feel cheated. If anyone reading this has a vacancy for a very hardworking smiley happy go lucky wee girl, give me a shout!

My dream actually would be to have a wee B&B somewhere along WHW route, i'll just have to keep playing the lottery i guess unless anyone wants to buy one? i'll run it for you...

this weekend i've had a visitor in shape of Dave, all way from yorkshire. He came up as he wanted to run in Pentland hills so that was plan. He is total lightweight when it comes to drinking so i didnt do my usual guest routine and get him extremely drunk. He had couple beers and few glasses wine. I was falling asleep by 9.30 so left him watching telly and sloped off to bed. Maybe it's me thats the lightweight? lol

Headed off at 8.30ish for Flotterstone and after quick look at map decided on route. We did Turnhouse, Carnethy, Scald Law, East & West Kip, down towards Balerno then back up and along by reservoirs and back to Flotterstone. Cracking run with cracking views. Dave was happy bunny.

Quick shower & change then we headed into town for Jazz festival. Met the usual suspect @ the usual place with the usual bottle of bubbly! :) After that finished we headed off for meal @ La Tasca then headed to Tigerlilly's (i should get shares in that place!) More bubbles for me & Linda and beer for the boys. THen we headed off to Olorosso for more drinks. Went home after that even though Linda was trying to persuade me to go Tempus, srsly temtped i was, but i resisted!

Dave txted me in the morning to ask if i wanted cup tea lol, so he brought me one in becd, everyone should have a drinks bitch like him you know ;) Got up & got dressed and we headed off to watch the Scottish Gas 10k where i got a snog off the gorgeous Kerry aka sunbedathlete. His first race back since injury and he *toddled* round in 34mins lol cracking runner he is.

After that me & Dave headed off to Kings Wark for big fry up, proper athletes that we are. All in all the fab weekend to wash away the blues from the week that was.

Oh and how could i forget? After a tip off on Sunday night from George i mailed the Devil folk about getting on reserve list, they quickly replied back (10mins later!, clearly they know who i am ;)) and added me, telling me i'd pretty much get in

and by Wed I did! wooop!



  1. Glad you had a good weekend to make up for the crappy week.

  2. See you at the weekend little lady and hopefully work issues will get better soon, hang in there. X



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