Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Santababy One- Santa Express Nil

I blogged recently about the Santa Express not only nearly running me down but wooshed on past me and left me sadly trailing. Well not today it didn't, i got onto Princes street and saw it just ahead and decided i was going to catch it. So i did, then i ran alongside it with kids waving at me and parents laughing at me til i passed it and waved to driver, lol

Then i spotted some Reindeer, no kidding. Right in middle of Princes street so i stopped to take a pic, broke my heart actually. Look at them, they should be Dancing & Prancing, not lolling around looking bored out their minds :(
Anyway, off i went back in pursuit  of Santa Express, which was powered by Petrol i presume because the reindeer are locked up on Princes st. I caught it again and had the kids saying *there's that lady again*  Not often i get called a lady ;) So i waved  regal stylee again and took off into distance.

This morning i was out running and i passed a guy who was on his way to his car,  stopped in middle of road and stared at me.I said "Good Morning" and he said "i cant believe you're out at this time running" When i said I'd already done nearly 3 miles by then and still had 4 to go (think it was about 6am) he looked at me like I'd escaped from somewhere secure. Then he said "in this weather too, dressed like that!" (it was raining, i had shorts n Tshirt on) It's funny how something so normal to us is alien to others. I guess I'd have thought exact same before i started running.

Been very busy past few weeks with Christmas Lunches on at work, present shopping, present delivering, present wrapping and Jemima having her 30th Birthday in between all that. Had lovely meal with J & Thel last week who's birthday is day before, so we had lots of pressies to swap. Great to catch up with both as ever, we're all so busy it's difficult to try and get a date we can all meet.

It would seem everywhere recently got a dumping of snow except Edinburgh, we got a smattering but nothing to write home about, or play in for that matter. This time last yr we were knee deep in it and i loved it. Been pretty icy here instead which makes for treacherous/dangerous running of a morning.
Ive avoided the canal on those morning and tried to stick to well lit areas where it will be meltier (real word) but still get some scare black ice/comedy/heart stopping moments when you think you're going to see your feet fly past your head!
Ive somehow managed to avoid falling just yet *touches head*

On Sunday it was a beautiful winters day, crisp cold and clear so we decided to head up Craiglockheart hill to catch amazing views in the winter sunshine, just 4 miles done which was enough for Ian to stay in Marcothon.

Righto, must get organised, Carol Concert tonight where we get to sing along to every 2nd one with Choir aka Christmas karaoke ;)

Happy Running Folks, stay safe.

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  1. The poor reindeer aren't bored, they're completely stoned. Poor things :-(
    Have a lovely Christmas
    Debs x



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