Monday, 5 December 2011

It's been a while....

I seem to have lost it. My blogging mojo that is, maybe i should go back to rambling on about nothing on a daily basis like i used to. Quite often i'm running to/from work and i think "oh i must blog about that" then totally forget all about it.
So i started a blog to then i deleted it as i was boring myself. So i've shortened it a bit.

We've been to Gran Canaria for a week
- Superb holiday. I'd go as far as saying near perfect.

ran 144miles in Nov, not too bad considering i didn't do more than 5k day on holiday

Been to Sunday Mail Sports Award, brilliant night.If you looked closely enough you'd have spotted us at table in front of stage ;)

Went to see We will rock you, superb.

Went down to Newcastle game at weekend to see them lose 3-0, score flattered Chelski i reckon.

On windiest day of year so far, Ian decided it would be good idea to run up Craiglockheart, Braid & Blackford Hills, i actually got blown over,  twice.

I started the anti Marcothon purely by mistake by running 6 miles on 1st then nothing at all for 4 days due to life getting in the way and a big load of lazyitis,but i'm cool with that. 8miles this morning to work blew off the cobwebs.

And that's about it.
 I've actually been really super busy and been enjoying life an awful lot, maybe that's why i dont have time to blog so much.

S'all Good :o)

Oh, how could i forget. I got a place in WHW race for next year

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  1. Gran Canaria! We are going there in February for some winter sun/training. Need to find out more when we next meet, maybe in January.



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