Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Santa mown down by train shocker

Ok, I'm being melodramatic here by it might well have been the headlines tomorrow

Running home along a closed off Princes street minding my own business and i suddenly heard odd noise behind me. Looked round to find Santa Express closing in and kids waving a rather manic fashion, clearly wanting to see me mown down in my prime. (Yes, i am in my prime actually)
So i stepped aside and let it fly past me. Ok it might well have chucked along slowly and i might've tried and failed to keep up with it. What can i say, I've never claimed to be Paula.

Been avoiding the canal path this week due to icy conditions and sticking to roads where at least it's a bit meltier, therefore a tad safer. Seems Edinburgh has escaped fairly lightly and we were  about minus one about 5.30am when i left to run.
 And I've slightly redeemed by 4 days of slothlike behaviour by doing 18 miles in last days, go me etc.

Seeing as the Christmas tree is up, and Amazon have started delivering parcels to me(courtesy of the old man obviously) >>

I think it's time to pop some pressies under the tree, hurrah.

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  1. Santa, bus passengers, cyclists, pedestrians ... No one is safe from the wrath of Sandra :-) x



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