Thursday, 8 December 2011

Going Clubbing

not that kind, the dance round you're handbag, wave your hands in the air kind or even the bash a poor baby seal over the head kind.

No, I'm talking about running club of course.

Norma is club secretary and then some. This year she's done 2 Marathons and 3 Ultra's, she has 2 jobs and does an awful lot of work for the club.
She turned 60 yesterday and although we all danced night away at her party on Saturday, last night we (we, as in the club) all got together to run Norma's 60th Hill of the year in the Pentlands.  Goodness knows what made her count them all but count them she did, maybe she's been taking tips off Ian? He counts a lot, in fact he counted everyone in pub tonight, just because.

Anyway, we turned up at meeting point to find around 40 Lycra clad, headtorch, fluorescent runners all waiting to run, shows how popular Norma is i reckon. Quick warning about the ice and off we went. Route was Harlaw to bottom of Harbour hill and back, when we were about half there the fireworks burst in the sky. Iain M had ran on ahead and hid in hills waiting on the snake of lights coming towards him. Almost went over on bum watching it light up sky, pathway was very icy and very precarious and need careful footing. Once we arrived and last fireworks were off we all had quick toast to Norma of either sloe gin or whisky, some flapjacks & brownies and off we went back down to Harlaw car park into the icy wind.

Quick drink back at pub where Norma for even more Birthday cake then back for late dinner. Think might've persuaded her to enter WHW next yr ;)

It was teeny celebration for me too as that particular run took me to 2001 miles for the year. Crazy drookit windy run today tops it to 2006. Been bit of crazy day watching Scotland slowly close down due to bit of wind and rain to be honest. Funnily enough i didn't see anyone else when out running this morning, by time i got to work it looked like i'd been for a swim much to the amusement of my staff.

Who says us runners are daft?

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