Monday, 16 May 2011

Tick Tock

Time is moving fast and suddenly it's only 5 weeks til WHW race, how did that happen?

Been running to/from work still and having good & bad days, not sure if I've been fighting off some bug but some days I've felt as though i might as well crawl, my chest has felt tight and I've been really hot. Other days it's totally fine. Most odd.

Been busy wee bee though. Last Wednesday we volunteered our services to Adrian to Marshall at Scottish 5k Road Champs. I was on registration and Ian was directing people to correct lines.Then i was handing out Medals and Ian was directing again, in finishing tunnel this time. Amazing to see these guys, the first three came in under 15mins, crazy fast times. Special people got hugs and kisses with their medal, i did get asked by some why i wasn't offering that to everyone though lol

On Friday i had booked day to to see Jemima, it's seems to be only time we can see each other as weekends are really busy times for both of us. We booked ourselves into The Scotsman Hotel for a spa day. Jemima got us a great deal which included full use of facilities and full body massage.

Have to say it's not one i would rush back to, for a Five Star Hotel it's lacking in detail and customer service wasn't great either.We headed off to gym first, it was first time i've been back since my tumbles at the Fling. My knee has been bit niggly on stairs and it was bit sore kneeling on bosu ball whilst doing weights. We still had a great day though then headed out for late lunch at our favourite Howie's armed with bottle bubbly. We've decided we should get new jobs doing as Spa Critics, our favourite so far is Norton House Hotel. Couldn't fault a thing.

Bit of pub crawl with cocktails after then i had to go meet some other friends for a Birthday dinner. Ultra training is tough work you know....

Saturday was spent watching football all day,disappointed in Man U game but we won League anyway so it's all good. Then it was over to Phil & Liz's for a truly a fantastic dinner and all round brilliant night. Sunday i got to explore parts of Perthshire and was taken out for 10mile trail run with Ian & Doctor Phil. It had mix of everything, the first 4miles being uphill! When it came to downhills Phil bounded down like a mountain goat showing no signs of the injury he's been having problems with. I probably held the boys back by a good 10mins as i think they normally do it in 1hr30 but it took us 1hr41. I just cant run up the hills like they do.... I forgot my camera and was gutted as there were some spectacular sights, it's a beautiful area and a fabulous route.

All round fantastic weekend.

3 day week this week but there'll be no resting. On Thursday i'm running from Balmaha to Tyndrum (on my own) and Friday i'm running to Fort William (with Ian)
I'm actually a bit nervous about it. This is followed by marshalling all day at the Cateran,we're at Den of Alyth then Enochdhu for those of you running.

I'll be a cheap date by Saturday night i reckon....


  1. Good luck with your runs on Thursday and Friday - no need to be nervous, you'll do great as usual.

    See you at the weekend - just don't let me stop!

  2. We'll just miss you. Sharon and I are running tomorrow and Thursday. Starting at Tyndrum on Thursday. Have fun x



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