Thursday, 5 May 2011

Recovering & Reflecting

So it's been 5 days now since my first DNF and have had time to reflect and think about my decison.
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First of all thanks so much for the many comments, emails & txts I've had, I'm truly touched by people's concern. I was one of lucky ones & didn't end up in hospital, hope the ones who did have a very speedy recovery.

Waking up on Sunday i was stiff & very sore, didn't stop us waking up stupidly early though. I got cooked a rather wonderful breakfast and afterwards i decided to put some savlon on my now unbandaged legs. Biggest mistake ever. I have never in my life experienced pain like it, i was pacing the floors and trying hard not to cry and try to get the cream off but it was too painful. About half later i threw up my breakfast,never again do i want to go through pain like that. Not sure if there was maybe still some grit in leg or what caused it but I'd rather get a tooth out without anaesthetic instead of that pain.

Few painkillers and about an hour of dabbing leg to get rid of the Savlon aka acid off my leg and i started to feel better. It was a beautiful day and we decided to head out into sunshine for walk to stretch legs and sit in sunny beer garden. Great decision, beautiful day and legs were fine (except for the cuts bruises and sore knees) no after effects from my run, but i guess i only did the 41. Ian was fine too though and had finished the whole race. All good.

Unfortunately i was working on Monday but luckily only til 12 so at least it eased my legs into being back on feet all day. I'm waking up way before my alarm every morning, clearly my body is confused by the concept of rest and wants to run. I've ran wee bits to bus stop to test out how knees felt last 2 days and felt OK but achy by end of day but I'm certainly healing as the days pass.

I thought I'd get a big comedown and that I'd be angry/upset about pulling myself out Fling, i expected it to hit perhaps a few days later but it hasn't. I know i did the right thing,last year I'd have carried on, i know i couldve got to the end even the heat wasn't bothering me so much. But last year my focus was the Fling, this year the focus is so much bigger and luckily i have some common sense deep inside my blond head. So it's all good, really it is.

Last night saw us roaming, not in the gloamin but to Troon. Few months ago Ian decided that was going to be the race to mark his 100th 10k so duly entered us both then told me it was few days after Fling. Fine and dandy i said, I'll be ok. Clearly i hadn't anticipated events and i wasn't so i had to put on my supporters hat for this one. I'll leave all the details for Ian to blog about as it's his moment but most people probably know from Facebook or JK's blog. First people we bumped into were JK & Katrina who was looking very relaxed and happy and went on to get cracking Pb, well done!

It was 11.30 by time we got home and my leg was really achy by then having been up since 5.30am and on feet for most of day. Today has been ok so i may or may not attempt a wee run to work tomorrow. This will determine a whether i should turn up for the cateran 23 on Saturday or not. If leg/knee feels ok by end of day (ie-10hours on feet) then it's do-able, if not then it's a non starter, i guess we'll find out tomorrow.....c'est la vie and all that

Weirdly this week i feel like I've been eating more, not less. Does anyone else get like this when injured? Is it just boredom or is my body genuinely hungry from the weekend's efforts? Usually i get hungry the day after not the week after! I wont need to worry about falling down hills soon I'll be rolling down at this rate......

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  1. Sorry to hear about your Fling fall :( Certainly sounds like you did the right thing by stopping. It's not worth the risk of additional damage.
    Hope it's getting better and you're taking it easy.





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