Sunday, 8 May 2011

Baby Talk

After being "told" by coach that i wasn't allowed to do the Fabulous Cateran Ultra it meant i was given the go ahead to do the Baby one instead.

I'd done this last yr for first time at last minute, i'd never stepped foot on the Cateran trail and even though it was only a week before the Daddy race i decided to head up & recce it, race report back there somewhere with lots pics if you're interested.

After last weeks shenanigans even the baby one looked unlikely. I rested all week and decided to run to work on friday morning to test it out, only 3miles but i was on feet for rest of day so all in all 10hrs in total. Leg fine, decision made.I needed to get running trails and restore the confidence that was bit knocked during my somersaults at Fling.

Donald very kindly offered to pick me up (again, thanks!) and we were picking Gav up enroute.

Arrived at Glenshee and parked , first thing we saw was a bum sticking out a boot. In shape of one George Reid. He still hadn't decided whether he was running or not but said Karen wasn't. They'd been out playing in the Cairngorms for 4 days straight after Fling & had clocked up some mighty impressive mileage and dizzying climbs. After bit of nudging he decided to run.

Quick change of car and down to Blairgowrie to pick up numbers. Here we are modelling our lovely beanies >>>

Quick photo with teammates, and we'd all decided we were just there to enjoy the day.Gavin hadn't been on route before and has been specifically marathon training of late and was happy to stay with me, George as i said earlier has been mountain goating and is still in rehab so equally happy to hang around. So a Ultra running Legend and a 3hr Marathoner, quality company i reckon. I'm not worthy.

After saying he was going to take it easy Donald took off into the distance showing no signs of fatigue from fling. Iain who said he *out to enjoy himself* did same.

Met Karen running towards us about mile from first checkpoint, she was planning on running wee bits and bobs with Jane but as it turned out Jane took wrong turn and ended up pulling out. It didn't stop her joining Karen and being great support instead.

10miles passed very quickly and although we were all melting in the humidity we were all enjoying it, Gavin especially so who treated it like one long picnic and was stuffing his face every time i looked at him! He was loving the route immensely and singing wee songs, clearly this is why he is on my tip top crew for WHW, singing songs is all important.

Half Marathon left and the sun was beating down on us which weirdly made it slightly cooler than it being so humid. Gavin decided to push on with 8 miles left, George & I were happy to carry on just enjoying our day out.

Got to Enochdu which i remembered as being last checkpoint of Daddy Cateran to find the Angels that are Jane & Karen waving and offering us ICE COLD ginger beer. It was heaven and just what we needed for the climbs ahead. Lots of them. Yes that's as hilly as it looks.......Luckily the higher we got the more of a cooling breeze we got, that almost helped from the endless climbs. Funny how i found these hills easier in the Daddy Cateran last yr than in baby one, felt same again this year. I think i must find my mojo around 30miles or something... George was storming on the uphills and i was starting to lose him, Elena also caught us after chasing us for best part of 7 miles.

After what seemed like endless climbs to top there is about 1/4 of mile downhill that is rocky,slippy, marshy and bit dodgy underfoot. I've called it Karens crazybitch hill. It's impossible not to throw yourself down it at great speed!I managed to catch up Elena here after she'd overtook me earlier, then further down once it evens out to proper runnable stuff albeit steep downhill runnable stuff i caught George (& Karen, who'd ran up hill to meet him) who's quads were reminding him of the crazy stuff he'd done earlier in week. Elena caught me again chasing a Pb and i was quite happy to let her pass, Jane was also halfway uphill taking pics.

I bounced down hill quite happily and got gate held open from wee kids who'd been shouting Elena on down the hill. Finished in 4.35, around 10mins slower than last year but i was quite happy with that to be honest.

All in all it restored my confidence which was the grand plan.

You know what they say, when you fall off the bike best thing to do is get back on. It's such a great wee (tough) race and a stunningly beautiful route.

Many thanks to George & Gav for the company and to Donald & Iain for the chauffeuring.

Great day out with friends.

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