Thursday, 8 July 2010

Lost & found?

left my WHW blog unfinished really by not mentioning the night out or the ceremony.

I can barely remember last yrs ceremony as we'd only just finished when it was almost starting and a few (ok more than few) glasses champagne and i was literally falling asleep on floor in aisle!

This yr was different, we got to grab few hours sleep then meet everyone was big fry up beforehand, top stuff. And we had so many friends to cheer for too, just great, although Phil told me off for shouting too loud for folk.

Was so proud to see Phil go up and get his goblet, to get to that point after so many setbacks in his training and get time he got was just amazing.wish I'd felt like I'd been part of how he got there. He has amazing stamina and ability and will kick ass at hardmoors this year for sure. After ceremony we sat outside in glorious sunshine catching up with folk and drinking champagne, it was just wonderful. Then it was time to check into our lovely B&B for more rest before night out.

Was asleep soon as head hit pillow, bed was so incredibly comfy! We got ready and headed off to pub to join everyone for a cracking night of drinks & race stories. We of course decided to head to another pub after one we were in shut and it was between here and the B&B which was literally 5 min walk (stagger)away that i lost my camera. All the race pics, all the ceremony pics, all the night out pics.

Seriously gutted.Went to police station & pub but no luck. I kinda keep hoping that i'll suddenly get phone call and they'll say they've found it... never give up hope eh?


Haven't been myself for past month now. Work has been incredibly stressful and has really been getting me down to the point of tears on quite few occasions. I cant just leave, i have a mortgage to pay, on my own. Yes I've been skirting the job pages/websites but hey we all know the situation out there at moment.

Was at Fetch gathering at weekend for Fetch Mile and i might as well have not been tbh, i didn't even do the bloody mile. I ran 5.5 miles beforehand with the boys though to ease off legs from long run day before.We got totally & utterly drenched, we might as well have swam round the bloody lake in the campus instead of running round it
I sat in cafe away from wind and rain and drank tea whilst everyone raced outside. Then we went for food and drinks. So i'm nt entirely sure why i even went, i felt very antisocial, even headed outside once finished food to sit in sun with Bob. Was lovely to see everyone even though I felt bit lost.

Crikey, i'm depressing myself reading this back, im sure my blogs used to be somewhat amusing! Yes Soph, i know, i need to stop fucking moaning ;)

Not been in my own unit for past 2 weeks now and although i was dreading going elsewhere I've actually really enjoyed it. This week the manager i was shadowing was on holiday so I've been running place and it's been great. Much bigger than my Unit, there is 6 staff and about 600 folk in building. Almost like being back in Museum, although i had anything from 10-20 staff there depending on time of yr.

Hope I'm not cursing things by saying this but maybe it's actually turning a corner. I'm back to Wood Mackenzie next week then I'm on Holiday for a week. Got Clyde Stride then whole bunch of us are heading up highlands to run around, chase haggis and drink lots. So looking forward to it!


  1. Such a shame about the camera but I'm pleased you're feeling a wee bit better. It's generally depressing all around out there in the workplace at the moment. You're not alone xx

  2. Hello, was I wearing an invisible blanket while being anti-social outside in the sun with you on Sunday then? :-p
    See you at the Clyde Stride. xx

  3. Feeling anti-social? Welcome to my world dear. :)



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