Saturday, 10 July 2010

There's a Banana on my stairs

not entirely sure why, Stephen must've put it there, or else it's a magic banana, or maybe I've had a secret visit from Bananaman?

The stairs are clean, i know this because i've spent the entire day cleaning, upstairs & downstairs, all done in a special spring(summer)clean. I also cooked of a batch of chicken curry & pasta bolognaise which is portioned off and frozen down. Marcia Cross eat you heart out! talking of which, did anyone see last episode of Desperate housewife's? How ironic i chose to watch it today huh? lol Anyway, i cried, I'm a big softy like that.

Oh and I've broke the hoover? i managed to get upstairs done and was about to start on stairs when it just stopped working. God knows what I've done :( I ended up cleaning the stairs with a hand held brush & pan, Cinderella styleeeee, did a marvellous job even if i do say so myself. All i need now is a prince to whisk me off and feed me champagne.

Oh talking of Cinderella, i decided to get organised and book my hotel for the SUMs ball(see what i did there?) ;) I do hope not to be wearing rags and the search goes on for a fabulous dress but i digress... I got online and started researching hotels in Ayr. You lot know me, i like my luxury. Plan was to avoid Tyndrumlike hotels and treat myself to somewhere nice.

Weirdly all seemed full. Found lovely smaller place with unique looking fabulous rooms and mailed them only to get a very apologetic reply back telling me that it was full. Reason being? it's weekend of Gold cup @ Ayr racecourse,she told me it was i quote *probably busiest weekend of the year* and that I'd be hard pushed to a room at all! :-o

I did however persevere and finally found somewhere & got it booked. Last room they told me! you have been warned folks..

back to the housewifely stuff...

The shopping would also be unpacked and put away if i hadn't been drunk when i did it and clicked on Sunday delivery instead of Saturday! doh. Only took me 6 hrs to actually get the shop done, in between cleaning bathroom, watching sky news -raul gun sit out thing and laughing lots at a silly thread on fetch! Oh and drinking, i did that too hence the drunk shopping.

Looking at my receipt today the first 4 items are Vodka, Champagne, Pear cider and beeer. I don't even drink/like beer. Ffs.I also bought 10 bottles of orange squash fuck knows where I'll put it, clearly I'm anticipating a lot of drinking if i need all that squash. Oh, food was bought too, don't worry.

No running today but i never planned to, i do like running in this misty raining weather though. Will probably go out for wee toddle tomorrow up to Fairmilehead & back. When i was running to work the other day i saw some seagulls attacking bags left outside and eating all the crap that was spilling out. It made me wonder if birds get upset stomachs, you know, eat a dodgy curry and you've got Dicky tum for next few days? Which also begs the question of other animals getting sick. Like worms for instance, do worms get dodgy tums? do they have moods swings, do they get headaches? actually do worms have heads? What about ants, and cockroaches? if they are poorly do they take a day of work? Flies, do they stop being annoying little fuckers and just go lie down somewhere for the day? Does their families look after them and tuck them in, bring them drinks etc?
It's a mystery to me. I'll bet Soph knows, she's geeky like that.

I was thinking about opening a bottle of veuve cliquot tonight & cant decide whether to or not. I am currently drinking a Pinot Blush but it's just not hitting the mark. I've had a vodka irn bru and that went down well but i feel the urge for veuve, maybe i shouldnt have went into the cupboard to tidy it.I saw them there and i immediately wanted it.

Maybe I'll go chill it and go read rest of Vicky's WHW blog (if she'd stopped crying enough to finish it anyhow) ;)


  1. I love the receipt, you have your priorities spot on :).

  2. There were bound to be a few suprises in that shopping trip but it was a funny thread

  3. Pmsl at 10 bottles of orange. I laughed more at that thread on Friday than I have for a long, long time.

  4. Well, if you take the seagulls that have ingested the gulf of mexico oil, then yes they do get sick if they eat the wrong stuff! As for flies, you might find this interesting: Thank you and good day. :-) :-p ROFL.

  5. Oh, and worms don't have a head. They have photoreceptors:

  6. LOL at 10 bottles of orange squash. it's not even as if you can do that by accident so you must have done it on purpose!!

  7. I love you even if you're fucking crazy sometimes .



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