Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Still Alive

Cant believe how long its been since I've blogged, crikey.

Been a busy old time and a bit hectic. Work is really good at mo, it's been nearly i year since i was moved to where i am and for first time I've been in complete control.After asking the staff to pull together i feel they are working as a team for the first time since I've been there, it's been pretty good. Encouragement & positivity go a long way i find.

Loving the spring weather & all the daffodils & blossom trees in the meadows. Loving that the sun makes people far more smiley in general, it just makes the world a better place to live sometimes dont you think?

After racing on 3 consecutive weekends and PBing at all them followed on by the double weekend on WHW i told anyone who's listen at Dave & Lee's party that "no way was i running next weekend"

>I was down at Old Trafford on the Saturday with Stephen, luckily they've always won when we've been down and this time was no different. We had great seats too only snag was we were in the direct sunshine for the whole game so i ended up bit burnt. We had a fantastic day as usual and after leaving house at 7.30 didn't get home til 11.30pm so i was pretty knackered. Big thanks to Nick for getting us the tickets x>

On Sunday i had to nip into work and do couple things so although i had promised myself that i was doing nothing all day and not even getting dressed, there i was lycra clad and ready to run! To be fair it was a beautiful day and although Ian would have quite happily ran me there i decided that I'd run there as Ian was planning a run anyway.

I'd said that i would run there and get bus back and meet him there but by time i got to work (3.5miles later) i was fired up and quite happy to run home again, so much for my total rest day. So Ian went off for few miles while i did my stuff at work and then we ran home. Feet up for rest of day after that though!

Still been gyming it but took Monday off and had a total rest day on Coach's orders. After spending so long on train to Manchester and sitting down for nearly the entire day i had a really sore hip/leg. Very odd. I'm not sure if it was down to inactivity and fact i was sitting for most of day but I've still got it now. I'm fine when I'm running but anytime I'm sitting/lying down for any length of time i can *feel* it. Odd.

After discussing plans for last weekend and realising it was going to be a busy one we decided that we'd do our long run on Friday night. Plan was to do 7Hills route and last bit would be with head torches, good training for WHW. We both ran to work and i had planned to get bus home but ended up running to bus stop, then next one and so one til i was home. ooops. So up at 5am,run to work, run home and a full days work ahead of 18miles and 7 hills. Ian got home around 6 and we set off pretty quickly.

It was a lovely night, perhaps a bit too lovely as we'd hoped for darkness by time we got to Corstorphine Hill, it was dusky more than dark but we put on the headtorches anyway, by time we were descending it was proper dark and we needed them more.Have to say it was torture running past all the chippy's/Chinese/Kebab shops on way home!

Did 18miles in 3hrs20, so took my total for day to 25.5miles. Didn't get home til 9.30 so we were pretty knackered to say the least!Had a cracking run though. Managed to force down some well deserved wine before bed though ;)

Saturdayy night we were out with bunch of friends for a curry, it was to be celebratete Pb's and multiple Marathons allegedly but really it was just an excuse for a get together.It overlapped slightly with FA cup semi final so we went to pub across road from restaurant to watch game, although i kinda wish i hadn't bothered now!(we lost) Oh well, onwards and upwards.

It was great to catch up with everyone and find out their racing plans and stories. I feel bit odd not having anything to do with Edinburgh Marathon this year, if I'm not running it I'm usually organising the support crew(fetch point, as we call it) and party but I've had to take total step back this year to concentrate on WHW Race

With the clocks going forward recently it took my lighter mornings away just as i was getting used to them, they've started catching up again now though and I've been taking alternative routes to work along with canal and through Princes st Gardens. It really is a joy to have the whole place to myself! This will save my sanity during the festival/Summer Months and avoid most of the roads, i only have to negotiate a wee bit of Princes St & Lothian Road then it's traffic free and mainly people free compared to the crazy people populated pavements of Edinburgh.

I'm not stressing over mileage these days are most of my runs are quality over quantity, my works runs are about getting to & from work obv but long runs are planned for specific reasons. I've done 711Miles so far this year and I'm doing plenty cross training too :o)

Got another Spa day planned with Jemima early May.Going to The Scotsman this time, we got pretty good deal, J is great for spotting them!

Loved watching London Marathon on TV last weekend,I'd like to do it once at least but I'm not sure how I'd cope with the crowds, i fear i may end up violent lol. So think we're going to do it next year. I can claim a GFA place so saves any hassles of ballot/charity place etc.

Next up Highland Fling, I'd like sub11 so only have to shave off 5mins from last year, as with all Ultras i guess it's how it all pans out on the day though, fingers crossed.

Life is pretty good.

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  1. About time you wrote another blog. Lovely pictures


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