Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nearly There

So the working week is over, of course i slept badly last night and woke up with sore hip/leg with has continued to be sore throughout day at work. Clearly I'll need crutches by tomorrow.

I've not ran today, I'm tapering.I'm not going to start going on about why everyone annoys me on the bus, or on Princes st, or anywhere in my path actually. Nope, I'm staying calm and happy as can be. No one will spoil my mood, much as I'm sure they'd like to try.

I'm not even nervous!Nothing to be nervous about right? It's a training run, coach keeps drilling that into my head, even whilst handing me the schedule he said it. Saturday will be about running in a beautiful part of the world, enjoying the glorious views and seeing all the other crazies/lovely people who think it's normal to get up in middle of night to eat breakfast.

Just watched a video from last year and it gave me goosebumps, i was more than a bit emotional when i finished after managing to raise £2602 for Marie Curie a charity so very close to my heart. I hope my Mum will watching over me again on Saturday.

In case i don't see you at the start, very best of luck to everyone.


  1. Have a super run and I look forward to your pictures and smiley face



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