Saturday, 23 April 2011

Down but not out

The Hip continues to give me Gip, or is it Jip?

Anyway, still been running as I've already said it only hurts when i sit. I have a Doctor friend in Engerlundshire who is a Sports injury Specialist and also a Pose Coach. I sent him rambly txt with all my symptoms and then i pic pointing to sore bit. Can actually *see* something now, it's sticky outy for want of a better description. Anyway, diagnosis. Abductor tendinitis. How did i get it? who knows, said it couldve been uneven ground or getting out car. I've to keep active. That's good, cause i was already! And massage. so Ian's been poking and prodding me which actually seems to be helping.

Got new Ipod yesterday. Bit of Saga with it, anyone who follows my blog might recall it broke during the devil last yr, it got stuck on a loop of 5 songs (2 take that, 2 oasis and one faithless, cant say I'm not eclectic!)i nearly threw myself off top of devil after losing will to live with it and turned it off in anger (don't look back in anger, how ironic) Stephen had bought it for my birthday in feb and eventually got round to taking it back to John Lewis the next Feb, just before warranty ran out. It's been back and forth to apple since then and i think they've given Stephen the runaround with him just being a bairn. Took 5 Min's for Ian to get me a new one, seriously. On one hand I'm delighted with that, on other hand I'm annoyed poor Stephen was given the runaround for so long (since Feb this yr)

Anyway, Stephen met us yesterday to take charge of said pod to load it with all my cheesy tunes and some of his crazy dance stuff, so I'll have it for fling when the going gets tough, if the going gets tough....

This weekend we're off to Fort William to play in the hills for bit and I'll be taking it very easy for rest of week in lead up to Fling.

Have a great Easter folks :)


  1. Have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you both at the Fling...

  2. Hope the hip gives you less jip soon. Have a good weekend and see you next week at the fling. :-)

  3. Any excuse for a bit of poking and prodding ;-)

  4. Good luck for the Fling. Great to see you last week. x



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