Sunday, 12 December 2010

Long week

The dreadful weather continued to bring Central Scotland to a grinding halt.

It also brought my the same to my running. Ian fell on Monday and that sealed decision for me to take rest day on Tuesday. Finally managed to get to Asda after trying for a full week in preparation for party and to prevent Stephen from starving lol

By wednesday i was pissed off that the weather had stopped me and i thought fuck it, i'm getting back out there, it will not beat me!

Only been to gym twice this week as it's been superbusy trying to get Ian moved and into new place.No mean feat in this friggin weather i can tell you. Got there in the end though thankfully. Gym has been unsuprisingly quiet, with only 6 people in on Monday & 4 on Friday. I certainly prefer to go at6am now and know it's done & dusted along with run before most folk are out of bed :o)

By Friday i was pretty shattered and getting home to bath run and glass of champagne was most appreciated i can tell you. Was falling asleep by 7pm on sofa though but got second wind from somewhere and managed to go out for chinese.

Saturday was spent cleaning house, faffing aroud on PC and changing beds in preparation for party. Susan arrived around 4.30 and we donned our santa hats & set off out for 6mile run, it was really quite icy and we had to take it pretty carefully. Got few beeps and thumbs up from drivers and lovely encouragement for few folk we passed. Back home and i was barely out bath when Jules arrived, seeing me answer door in only a towel he asked if he was early lol. Didnt take me long to get into my party dress & heels ready for rest of guests arriving.

Party was great fun, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. The plan was to order a massive takeaway so after a quick vote we settled for Indian. We ordered 2 set meals for 4 people & few extra naan, this ended up feeding around 15 of us with and there was still loads left!

Alistair, Ian & Susan did all the dishes too, bonza! Lots of people arrived with champagne, you'd think they kn0w i liked it or something!;)Soph & Jules both got me stuff which is now nestled under tree for Christmas, the rest was opened and drunk. After everyone left , Susan, Jules & I all watched xfactor. Well Jules watched it reluctantly it has to be said and ended up falling asleep on sofa. We all sloped off to bed around 2.30 , setting alarm for9 for morning run. original plan was to head out for run with Harmeny but an executive decision was made to just do fairmilehead loop instead of driving all way to Balerno to do same distance.

Great run it was too, very precarious on the trails where the little snow that was left was rock hard & icy and the road parts were covered in black ice! fab fun though. Quick detour to shops to pick up Sunday papers & rolls and back for well earned breakfast.

Another busy week beckons. Christmas lunches on Wed/thu for 400 people. joy.


  1. More of the cold stuff coming our way see my latest blog for a detailed theory of why, QI even if I say so.
    The polar jetstream is moving south again as it has done every winter since the 2007 ice melt.
    I enjoy reading about your adventures I have been wearing two layers of fleece and am agog at your brassiness;-)

  2. Hope tomorrow and Thursday isn't too hectic for you. Thanks for the great party. :-)



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