Monday, 27 May 2013

Jumping the gun

I'm seeing my Physio today at 2.30

I've been a very good and obedient girl of late and following Physio orders to the letter. Well kind of. Letter as edited by Sandra. I was told that pool running would turn me into Freya Ross and/or Kelly Holmes, both of whom went on to PB after being injured and took to pool running. The pool belt thingy is £50 though, and add that to Physio costs along with PT costs and the faff of getting to pool it just gets silly.

This is no *ordinary* Physio btw, he was recommended to me by Debs M-C and he just happens to be  Team GB Ultra Physio, he also looks after pocket rocket Antonia too, its fair to say i put my trust in him.

Mags saw on FB that i was advised to get one and offered me hers and was going to take it to Cateran but somehow we both totally forgot about it. So i mailed my Physio and asked if i could walk. Yes, he said, do it! And if it doesn't hurt then you can speed walk, go for it.
So i did. First day i asked Ian how long it would take me to walk the 3 miles to work he estimated 50minutes. I did it in 49. Yes, i was wearing a garmin. I was also, faebooking, tweeting and taking random pics and generally enjoying my surroundings. I miss a lot of that when running i guess. I saw a ship called dignity, and action men in boat windows.

I was also wearing normal clothes like a normal and was freaking freezing. Next day the lycra was back on as were couple layers and gloves. Walking does not in any way keep you warm in same way. So next day i upped the ante and decided that keeping warm was the focus. I went from 16mm to 14 .  Hmm once a runner eh....

And so it continued, i did a wee bit longer every day, the pce came down further to between 13/13.5 and that wasn't walking like a crazy speedwalker person with my hips swinging out along with my arms. I was actually starting to enjoy it. I wasnt arriving at work all yawny like i had been when getting bus. What a revelation.

Thing is, Ian has been telling me this for months, quite probably years. Sometimes i listen to him, i just didnt about the walking but I'm a convert now. Sorry Ian, i bow to your knowledge.

Saw On Thursday i did a bit of jumping the gun hence the blog title and i ran a bit. It was a rather lovely day and as i power walked along road i suddenly broke into a wee trot. Don't even know where it came from, i hadn't really planned to run. Something just made me. So i ran, then i walked. I tried to keep it structured. One minute off, one on. Then i ran bit longer but still walked too. Ended up doing 7 miles, i'd say 60/40 run/walk. Did much same after work on way to PT

Donny decided the softly softly approach of last week (if you can call doing 100sit ups with a weight on my chest, god knows how many minutes planking with a weight on my back and rest of things i blanked out soft that is) and he worked me hard. Clearly making sure the calf was OK at all times. I mailed my physio on Thursday night to tell him about all the walking I'd been doing and what I'd been doing with PT. i didn't mention the running at that stage as I'd only just done it-no point worrying him -right?

Turns out he was rather impressed, even though I'd never managed to get feet wet. He told me RUN. Not just run but run twice a day for half hour until i saw him on Monday! yeah baby!

Shame i couldn't move my thighs day after PT and my calf's were super tight. So i decided to take a rest day as i had busy day planned anyway, once i was in my heels the calf's eased a bit. I knew it was the PT stuff though as it was both of them and in different place to original injury.

Saturday i ran with Ian in the glorious sunshine for just over 4 miles, thighs still sore but eased off as miles ticked by. Nice easy run for Ian day before the Edinburgh half (his 95th!)

Ran in this morning, all ok. So far so good. Suspect the sports massage today that is planned will hurt but I'll find out if I've got green light to do one more long run before whwrace or not. If i don't then its fine. What I've got from the lay off and the reluctant push into walking is a new found confidence. Sounds crazy i know but as Ultra runners we spend a fair bit of our time on hills and unless your leading the pack you'll be walking.

And i can walk.

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