Thursday, 9 May 2013

Following the Fling with St Nick & Santababy

After the fling i told Nick not to let me hang around the finish too long. I have zero willpower and having found boxes of wine at end i probably would've lain on floor and got it poured from above.

Think we were there for about an hour before heading off to Fort William. After taking off my roclites i discovered 2 huge blisters on heel and one on big toe. I never get blisters and on examining the shoes was appalled to see the heel worn right through. Looking at the tread on shoes they have barely worn down so I'm not very happy with Inov8 and i doubt i'll ever buy them again. Look! the tread is barely worn at all! really unhappy with them.
 After our curry we headed back to hotel. I'd said to Nick I'd text him in morning when was up. Had bit of rubbish sleep, beds are crap compared to Premier Inn. Think woke up every hours or so then was wide awake by 5.30, normal for me, I'm normally up, lycra'd up and ready to go running by then. After couple cups tea and a weetabix i txt Nick about 6.30 to let him know i was awake, he'd also been up ages so we decided to head to Tyndrum sooner than expected.

Luckily I'd brought an extra pair of shoes, my Adidas Kanadias which I'd worn on my first whw race with no blisters so i wore them. Think I've only worn them couple times as felt they were a bit roomy, but with thick trail socks on they felt great.

 Weather wasn't quite same as day before. Pretty bloody miserable in fact and i set off at 8am from the corner store at Tyndrum and was soon walking up that bloody hill.

But once at top i was fine and off. I do love this part of course and i ran smiling and happy not seeing another soul for about 4 miles when i came across couple campers out on hillside who'd just woken up, looked out tent and thought better off it.

I got to BoO bang on time Nick had predicted and he was ready to run with me. This part was new to him so it was nice to show him the sights and Murdo's hill (100k) point of race. Took quick pic there and enjoyed the downhill passing some walkers on way who were all very cheery despite the brutal weather. Nick ran with me til start of Rannoch Moor then headed back to car to drive to Glencoe.

Rannoch Moor isn't my most favourite part of course, i find it bleak and sore on feet. This time though i felt great! The Kanadias did a great job and my feet felt fine even with the blisters (good old compeed) passed a few walkers but mainly coming towards me and everyone was cheerful and said hello.

As i ran across the moor getting battered with rain, wind, sleet and hail i embraced every step and was actually enjoying it! But i  made decision that i was going to stop at Kinlochleven. Not because i was tired or anything, i felt great and knew i could easily run to Fort William. Nick had driven from Lincoln on Saturday to support me, had then driven to FW, then me back to Tyndrum in morning and was supporting me all way back up up there.  He was then heading back to Lincoln as he was working the next day. I thought that keeping him out there for 3 hours longer would serve neither of us any purpose.

 Again i got to Glencoe bang on when Nick predicted and i jumped in car for quick cup tea, told Nick my plans and although he protested he knew my mind was made up. 4 minutes later i was back out running down towards Kingshouse with big fuck off hailtstones in my face and winds trying to blow me sideways.

As i ran the route from Kingshouse towards Alntfaedh i was just about to run past a walker and i said "Morning!" when he screamed like a girl and threw his arms in air. lol, i apologised for scaring him and he laughed and said he hadn't expected anyone passing him especially in this weather. He was chewing on a full block of cheese and had a big hairy beard, mistook him for Richie for a mo ;)

I got to bottom of devil and remembered with a smile the last time I'd been there, doing my up n over day. I headed off feeling strong and was even running the runnable parts. Felt like i got to top in good time and it started snowing and blowing a gale by time i got to summit. I'd got sunburnt and had worn a vest for Fling the day before for goodness sake.

As i headed off down towards to fabled town i was singing at top of my voice and loving it. Because I'd done my back n forth day i had wee markers which made me know exactly how far i had to run. Yes i know my garmin can also tell me that but that town sometimes gets further & further away the closer you get and when you're tired your mind tends to start playing tricks on you.

Nick said he'd run out to meet me and he appeared about a mile from KL, he'd fallen asleep in car which only confirmed I'd made correct decision to stop. I was singing when he met me and carried on singing til we got to car park. I felt totally elated and still had plenty energy left should i have needed it for a further 13miles.

82miles done in 2 days. I felt great on the second run, despite the crappy weather.

Then it was back in car, back to Fort William to get cleaned up & changed then head back down. Ian had said he'd meet us in Glasgow so Nick didn't have to drop me off in Edinburgh and it saved him bit more time off his journey.

I'm am so lucky and so blessed to have such good friends. How many people would put themselves out like that? I have an amazing crew.


  1. You make that sound stupidly easy! It was a pleasure and was fab to catch up. x

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  3. I can't believe how many miles you've put in right after the Fling, impressive stuff!

    I recognize the hole in the ankle collar of the Roclite 315's, this is exactly what I ended up with in mine after about 300 miles. Friends have had exactly the same problem with 315's and Mudclaws as well. Curiously I didn't have this problem with the two pairs of Roclite 295's that I bought after my 315's.

    I suspect the greater flexibility of the sticky rubber sole on the 295 means that it bends more easily on toe off and doesn't suffer as much from the heel lifting up within the shoe on toe off. My Trailroc 245's that I put 800 miles didn't show any signs of wear on the heel collar either, again I think this is because they are flexible enough on toe off not to have the heel popping out on toe off and back down again on landing.



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